Why The Killzone 3 Leak Is Nothing Compared To The Crysis 2 Leak

Two high profile games, Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 have both been leaked on torrent sites, this means that they are available to download and play for free (illegally of course), however i know Crysis 2 has it worse.

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ChristianGamer2774d ago

We are poor but you guys are really really poor. Ha ha ha.../unnecessary article.
Is this really what it has come down to? To calm the bloodlust rage of those we do not speak of, the author had to shift focus back to Crysis? PC leaks happen ALL the time, PS3 leaks, well apart from security keys, not so much.

SonyNGP2774d ago

Dude, Crysis 2 still hasn't gone gold yet. It's a big freakin' deal!

FailOverHero2774d ago

Bro think about what you're saying. The complete version of killzone 3 has been leaked vs the incomplete version of crysis 2 and you want everybody to believe that EA have a bigger crisis on their hands? Pun very intended

MintBerryCrunch2774d ago

it might be bad...but if you went and googled any game+torrent you will find it online...if you have updated your PS3 to 3.56 and D/L KZ3, you have just wasted 41 gigs of HD space since you wont be able to make the game work...if your PS3 is hacked...all you can do is play the SP when the MP is the core of the game and thats where most players will spend their time...i dont see it being that detrimental to Sony or PS3 gamers...Crysis even tho it isnt the gold version will eventually be leaked again, this time the retail version once its available to hackers

RememberThe3572773d ago

Shhhhh, that makes sense... Let them babble.

I_find_it_funny2773d ago

whats the point of discussing it

Active Reload2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

That makes me want to buy a PS3...seriously. Is anyone upset with me because being able to pirate games makes me want to go buy a new PS3?

Edit: I'm joking btw, I don't have the time to engage in such behavior. I might as well rent a game if I'm not sure I'll like it. But I do see why people do it though...

Theonetheonly2773d ago

They guy who wrote this would get a 3 out of 6 on the writing traits scale.

sounds like his IQ is a few points south of zero.

"well uh da crysis is da game dat all deez pirates pirate stuff on so Its the worstedest scenario cuz .00001 "whats the square root of 69?, eight somethin." ps3 moon landing over the moon. and ah I Know this fore a fakt caus im smaterer"

gimme a break.

This is just some guy people. just some guy...

both games will be a slam dunk regardless. Very talented people working for years straight towards one goal.

and all we can do is find out how to talk crap.

send them a thank you letter for giving you something to do in your spare time.

If not for them you would have nothing to feel superior about because you all know you cant do this yourselves.

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Trunkz Jr2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Gamer pirates are stupid... Get a job already and buy the game when its available. If not then don't call yourself a gamer if you can't support the industry.

Zir02774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

The Killzone leak is worse since its the gold version while Crysis still isn't the complete game.

Plus it also shows that hackers are capable of reducing the filesize of the bluray files since Killzone 3 can be downloaded without the 3D for around 20GB instead of 41GB. If they can do that its only a matter of time before they compress the sound and CGI too, to make games even easier to download.

If you open your eyes you will be able to see that the Killzone leak is worse but a leak is bad news regardless.

You don't know that, hacking your PS3 if super easy now. There could be well over 100,000 pirates already and that number will continue to grow as more games become downloadable. In a years time it could be PSP scale.

xtremexx2774d ago

but you will only be able to play it if you have a jailbroken PS3 and there are a small amount of those people

FailOverHero2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

You sound just about as clueless as the author. What do you mean only if you have a jailbroken ps3 and there aren't alot?? Well it isn't as if Sony sells only a limited amount of hackable ps3's, ALL ps3's can be jailbroken without hardware modding.
Just realised, you ARE the author. Could you tell me why exactly you wrote this lil piece of literature? Why do we need to know which leak is worse?
Shouldn't this be a forum post? I mean come on. There has to be some sort of quality filter around here. This opinion piece from someone who has done ZERO research can't possibly pass for news around here can it?

By the way, that percentage that you provided for the number of jailbroken ps3 consoles? Yeah it totals up to 480!! I mean lol come on guy! You think only 480 ps3's have been hacked with a free hack?

Double lol at the moral of the story. It isn't the moral of the story you told. The moral of your story reads a lil something like this:
And so without any research or math skills, I have concluded that leaking unfinished, unpolished, beta version of a pc game is far more damaging then leaking a fully complete game that has gone gold and thus will play exactly like the retail version because it is a ps3 game.
In short, nobody is going to buy crysis because they already have an incomplete beta version but everybody will buy killzone because only 480 people have jailbroken ps3's

xtremexx2774d ago

@FailOverHero do you seriously think that lots of normal PS3 users will go and hack their PS3? they know the risk and the amount of Hacked Ps3's will only get smaller since Sony has been banning accounts

jony_dols2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

The Crysis 2 leak is worse, because its a lot more accessible than Killzone 3 on the internet. The Crysis 2 beta comes in at 9.22GB, while the Killzone 3 leak is 40+GB.

A lot of people that pirate in the first place, don't buy games because they cannot afford them because of the high costs of gaming in their regions (e.g. parts of South/Central America, South East Asia, Ex-eastern Bloc). and they can't splash out on unlimited broadband connections that offer fast speeds to download 40+GB files in a reasonable time.

In a lot of cases, people can only scrape together enough cash to buy a console or a decent rig, and then are only left with no legitimate way of purchasing games.

Its easy for people to condone piracy, when they are making more than enough money to spend on their hobbies or have easy access to Mummy or Daddies credit cards.
But when people are living on the breadline and cannot escape the poverty and unemployment, it becomes a totally different story.

Heartnet2773d ago


you dont know the stastics nor does this guy i doubt xD but just cuz its free dont mean people will do it lol :)

Downloading torrents etc is free yet most of the gaming population doesnt do it :) dont get all heartbroken cuz not many people dl the hack :)

(purly speculation on both of ur ridiculous comments :))

pixelsword2773d ago

pc leaks are worse because no one is going to ban your PC for pirating.

alex33692773d ago

lol sony hasnt banned anything! you guys should realize that there have been zero banned accounts due to modded ps3s. black ops is banning only if you cheat so i would say the risk is small

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a_bro2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

"The Killzone leak is worse since its the gold version while Crysis still isn't the complete game."

no Crysis 2 is worse, why?

1. No one has the time to download a game thats about 41 gbs in size, especially to those who are capped in Bandwidth.

2.Crysis 2 isnt even Gold yet. this leak was most likely done as an inside job in Crytek. someone's getting fired.

FailOverHero2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Yes, because every pirate knows, you have to sit in front of your pc and watch as the game downloads for 10 hours or else space goblins WILL disrupt your download. Oh and I hear from Ziro it can be stripped to 20gb sans the 3D but I dunno if I believe in too much

Edit: ok I just checked and there is indeed a 3D-less version for 20gb. My bad Ziro, sorry for doubting you

a_bro2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

"Yes, because every pirate knows, you have to sit in front of your pc and watch as the game downloads for 10 hours or else space goblins WILL disrupt your download. Oh and I hear from Ziro it can be stripped to 20gb sans the 3D but I dunno if I believe in too much"

you're an idiot if you think thats what i meant. sitting down to wait, or not sitting down to wait, its going to take a long time to download such a big file and people dont have the bandwidth to pull that off.

And even if you dont download the 3d file, how are you suppose to play something that isnt intact? hack it?

and on top of that, is it worth pirating such a game when you have to buy a blu-ray burner, and a disc which cost about $15-$20 per 25gb disc?

you like all the other Asshole pirates in here are the reason why the games industry have to put DRM on our ass, or better yet, kill off a studio.

hassi942773d ago


You think blu ray discs cost $15 per disc!? hahahahaha.

Oh also, you can just store and play off the PS3 hard-drive, no burner or discs needed.

DJMarty2773d ago

Why would want compressed sound and CGI, that defeats the whole purpose of Blu-ray Size.

Thats also why PS3 games have superior sound to 360 games. DVD9 lack of space.

Dsnyder2774d ago

Crysis 2 will be a good looking, but horrible gameplay mess just like the first.

Smkt2774d ago

from the leak its the opposite.. gameplay seems ok.. but its not that good looking.. but maybe that's just the beta build..

Tyre2773d ago

Crysis 1 had fantastic gameplay...just different than ur average low skill auto fire modded controller jack$ss gamers like u Dsnyder....why dis the gameplay which is superb Crysis 1 i played more than any other game and there is a little learning curve and different.....horror it is far from says me.

BlackTar1872773d ago

I played Crysis and i found the gameplay and story Decent at best.
and i like to think of myself alot better then ".just different than ur average low skill auto fire modded controller jack$ss gamers like u"

Tyre2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

i'm just reacting to the so called 'horrific gameplay' argument of Dsnyder....why do u have to reply for him??? just dissing a darn good game with subjective negativity...the story of Crysis was Epic and if u really take the time instead of rushing through it u will see that the gameplay and atmospheric story are intricate...people with modded controllers are making gameplay 'horrific' they are ruining it for everybody...just a bunch of losers.

Look_Behind2773d ago

The actual Kilzone 3 game is only 9GB the rest is .bik cutscenes. Remove the 22GB of 3d Cutscenes and the game and 2d cutscenes are only 22GB. So downloading it isnt going to take too long if you want to download it and you dont have a 3d TV.