And you wonder why developers "hate" PC Gamers

An interesting, and compelling, opinion piece on the impact of piracy on the PC Gaming market.

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Kran2866d ago

What he seems to forget is that piracy is bad on all consoles, not just PC. Developers can never escape piracy.

SMOK3xFFx2866d ago

From what I understand OnLive exclusive games would escape piracy.

B1663r2865d ago

Actually OnLive would suffer from the same sorts of leaks that Crysis 2 and KillZone just suffered, that is, someone on the inside leaked out a game onto the torrents, then the Barbara Streisland effect takes over...

ApexHell2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

you could reroute the onlive service to your own personal server , torrent the games and stream them from your server to your onlive console that never would connect to the onlive people.

there are no exculsive onlive games, all the games on the platform are run on computers, meaning every game is for pc anyway.

kancerkid2865d ago

Notable paragraph from the piece:

"2D Boy's World of Goo was released without DRM, and the creators said they trusted their audience. One of the two-man development team, Ron Carmel, noted afterwards that he was seeing multiple torrents with 500 seeders and 300 leechers, and added that the piracy rate was at about 90%. This was 2D Boy's reward for trusting gamers. This is what they got for making a game easy to obtain, but easy to steal. Really guys, fuck you for that. "

kancerkid2865d ago

Jim sterling - "Some people are attempting to justify PC piracy by saying it happens on consoles too. Yes, of course it does. But "Look over here, they're doing it too" isn't a fucking justification. Besides which, the level of piracy on the PC is famously more prevalent than on consoles. Even on the Wii, it's not quite the same, as the Wii's primary demographic is different, and it's a demographic that doesn't pirate anywhere near as much. It still takes a lot more effort to fuck with a console to make it play pirated games. Going back to the World of Goo example, 2D Boy recuperated many of its losses thanks to the WiiWare version, which was obviously a lot harder to steal. PC piracy is easier than console piracy, hence it is more prevalent. Of course, you know that, and you're hoping we don't.

You could argue a case for the PSP and DS and I wouldn't disagree with you. I am not saying, however, that piracy doesn't happen everywhere. This was a PC issue, however, and so I focused on PC piracy. If you want, I can dedicate another article to the DS, but I've addressed that in the past and don't feel I need to do it again just to make PC pirates feel better about themselves."

Megaton2865d ago

OnLive-exclusive games would also escape sales.

Clubptxxx2865d ago

Quoting the article just promotes Skimming.

Anyway, I'm a PC Gamer myself, My Steam Games account Shows I'm more than happy to pay for good Games. I torrented Civ 5. I played it not thinking I'd like it. I spent 10 hours in the game and bought it on Steam with all of it's DLC.

Mind you, this game I would not have purchased without playing it first as on paper, it doesn't sound like my kind of game.

My point is I Torrent games. A lot in fact, but if I spend more than an hour playing it, I nut up and pay someone for their efforts. I understand the whole "Why pay for it if it's free?" argument and I honestly have no response. Vote with your Wallet. You don't like CoD Black Ops 4: Murderous Vietcong? Don't buy it, and don't torrent it. You play an indie game like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and play if for 30 minutes and poop yourself, Buy it. That's an experience worth paying for.

Also, Starcraft 2 begs to differ with all of these examples of piracy being bad for the industry. One of the top selling games so far and it's a PC Exclusive. Come at me Bro.

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AndrewRyan2865d ago

Indeed. Look at Killzone 3. Full game got leaked. Although a lot of people will not download it due to the file size, there are still multiplatform games you can download for 360 PS3 and Wii that are very small.

TheDivine2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Well all it takes is one person to download it and sell copies for 10 bucks 2 weeks early all over craigslist. Most big ps3 games can be rented and ran into console. Big isnt much of a deterrent, if people want it, they will get it. The ps3 cant afford to have piracy become as prevelant as the 360, games sell more on a hacked to death console than the ps3 when it wasnt hacked, if it becomes really popular its big problems.

Ultraplayerxp2865d ago

True, its practically an acceptable business where I live. Frankly, piracy is so normal here that people look at you funny when you mention you don't do that crap.

ATiElite2865d ago

Piracy in one form or another is on ALL platforms. In the case of Crysis 2...How the hell did the game leave the EA facilities? I'm sure no geek broke into EA and stole it.

This is a case of EA Pirating their own game to create buzz.

JohnApocalypse2865d ago

Yes Piracy is on consoles but its nothing like what is on PC

GSpartan7772865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

When you compare sales/piracy ratio between console and PC, it's way worse on the PC which is some developers have completely moved away from the PC market. Some PC games get pirated more than they sell.

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PaladinXII2866d ago

He isn't ignoring that fact. However, it is infinitely easier to pirate PC games than it is console games. No hardware modification is required.

fullmetal2972865d ago

Pirating games for the PC is just as easy as pirating games on the consoles. Go to piratebay right now and search for a game and you'll see that there are console games full of seeders. And hacking a console is just as easy too. Hacking the Wii is a matter dragging and dropping files from your PC to your Wii and getting CFW on the PS3 is just like updating your firmware.

BattleAxe2865d ago

So you're obviously a pirate....

AlienFodder2865d ago

Maybe so, but you don't need to hack your PC and void its warranty in order to play pirated games on it.

fullmetal2972865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Don't pirate my games. Check out my steam profile.

All 92 games I paid for outta pocket and even added an annotation in my description if you don't believe me. Don't play on Wii and only play PS3 in my friends house. Stop playing on xbox ages ago.

kevnb2865d ago

true, console piracy is incredibly easy this gen. Plus you get online play and not too much fussing around with firewalls and potentially trojan infested cracks.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2865d ago

this is exactly what he was talking about.people are really trying to justify piracy by point the finger at another lmfao.

LunaticBrandon2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Killzone 3 is already on torrent sites. PC gamers are not the only pirates. The version of Crysis 2 that was leaked is not the final build. Do some research chins.

PaladinXII2866d ago

I think the point, though, is that anyone with a PC can pirate. If you want to pirate for a console, you need to modify or hack it in some way. Many people don't have the technical know-how or desire to mod a console.

LunaticBrandon2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

A custom firmware can't be too hard to get and you don't even need a crack. The console versions of Dead Space 2 were available 2 weeks before the PC crack was.

Edit: I didn't pirate Dead Space 2 I checked out of curiosity after hearing it was leaked.

NYC_Gamer2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

anyone can mod a console,its guides/videos all over the internet.stop making excuses piracy is piracy doesn't matter if its on PC or console it should all be looked at the same....this article it just bias against one group of gamers....

OsamaOnCrack2865d ago

if consoles are so easy for piracy than pc's then why is the same game sold on consoles than on pc why? its because on pc the full game is available in a click of a download button..

radphil2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

"Many people don't have the technical know-how or desire to mod a console."

Depending where you get it from, you need to do the same for PC also.

Plus it's to the point where you can just run 1 program to get what you need to do now a days.

Devs just want to put blame onto a centralized area, because if they said that for any of the consoles, they'd get crap from the companies, where as specifying PC, it's a HUGE array of areas on that, and no one has a centralized monopoly on PCs, since you can even build one yourself from scratch.

I laugh when this statement came up though:

"All I can think in response to that is ... how dare you act offended when you do stuff like this?"

In this situation, someone from inside of the company leaked this out, so you can't blame gaming communities for that action that someone else did inside of the Devs.

As much as I don't want to say this, the author sounds ignorant in labeling everyone that use that platform as their form of gaming. Considering it's Jim Sterling, so....yea....

spdarksky2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

I laugh when you said that. My friend with no modification know-how purchase X360 with pre-modified system and you know what? It even got warranty from the place of purchase for whole 1 year.

He never and i said it again NEVER purchase a single original X360 games. Oh! he did purchase, but pirated version for 10 bucks each. He got tons of games in his library.

He got PS3 and say what, he only purchase exclusive PS3 games but not multiplat. I think he got only around 10 games for PS3 and 3 of them he got it for free.

Here's a fact, he purchase ORIGINAL PC Games only and didn't mind paying because PC games is just SO much cheaper and so much prettier as well as play's better. MUCH MUCH BETTER.

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Letros2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

How is it the pirates fault that an internal beta build of Crysis 2 was leaked early, that's like throwing money on the streets and frowning upon anyone that picks it up.

If PC sales of Crysis 2 are bad, then yea maybe one could argue this was the problem, until then no one knows what kind of impact it will have, people forget that its a buggy version and largely incomplete especially on the graphics front(a major selling point).

You know this isn't the first time this has happened to a major PC game, the last major leak went on to sell over 5 million copies and still counting.

Also the author should learn not to generlize PC gamers as pirates, the market is doing fine through legit paying customers.

kancerkid2865d ago

Because they pirates downloaded the leak, which is theft.

And no one knows who leaked the internal build, all we know is pirates are not supposed to have it.

If you throw money onto the streets, you are pretty much saying that you give that money up as your property and anyone else can have it.

You argument does not add up.

Letros2865d ago

pirated copy =/= lost sale, try again

vickers5002865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

I download games every now and then that don't have demos for them, just to try them out (I've never fully finished a downloaded PC game). If I like what little I've played, I'll buy it, if I don't, I'll uninstall the game and decide not to buy it.

When it comes to piracy, I think a LOT more people would simply not pirate if they had a demo available to them. Obviously this wouldn't get rid of piracy, but it would help greatly.

jack who2866d ago

cuz when pc gamer buy games they can actually do whatever they want too/in the game.