GameReactor Sweden: Test Drive Unlimited 2 Review

GameReactor writes "The feeling of freedom was a needed addition and created their very own little niche in the Garden of driving simulator"

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HK62441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

"The graphics are comparable to its predecessor," (Note - Swedish -> English translator may be incorrect)


I'm sure this reviewer also thinks that the graphics in Black Ops are on par with Uncharted.

Terarmzar2441d ago

The game looks identical to Test Drive Unlimited (1)
Almost nothing changed in Graphics.

Kon2441d ago

hahaha i hope your kidding, i sincerely hope. You don't know how much different this game is from the first.

HK62441d ago

Nothing changed in Graphics? I would say that the fact that the graphics can keep up with your car now is a big change.

Terarmzar2441d ago

@ Kon what are you playing TDU2 on?

Terarmzar2441d ago

ohh well i was referring to the xbox 360 as that is what i originally played it on. I should of been more specific.

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