IGN UK gives 7.7/10 to FIFA 08

It's easy to slag off FIFA, so let's make a start. The perennial complaint is that it's the same game every year with little more than a different number on the box. As such, it's always tempting to give it the same review. However, last year's 360 debut was markedly different from previous years in that there was actually less content, featuring only the Premiership plus a smattering of foreign leagues. Apparently, the developers were too busy honing the next-generation graphics and gameplay to type in the details of the relevant clubs, or indeed cut and paste them from the previous game.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4099d ago

After playing Fifa Demo I knew its lame :P

Too bad Peter Moore did not make a better Fifa LOL.


jromao4099d ago

Yes, they annouced Fifa 08 as "revolutionary" and catching PES gameplay, but I played both demos on 360 and PES 2008 demo is awsome while Fifa 08 is very disapointing.

They said gap between both was almost none, I say GAP is HUGE, and for me 7.7/10 still is to much, Fifa 08 is around 6/10.

HeartlesskizZ4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

FIFA demo is a joke to futball, the only good part is wile playing with Ronaldino on loading screen. other then that is a big lost for EA once again. If you EA cant do it, just rip off PES, is the only chance you got.

Lex Luthor4099d ago

The fifa 08 demo sucked so hard.

Pes 2008 looks like it's the champ this time round.

sheng long4099d ago

i think i'll stick to UEFA CL on 360 until PES comes out. too bad as this game has updated rosters.

JVC064099d ago

Decent review there, Bit sloppy that part he mentioned bout poor sides gettin to the cup final, shows fifa isnt realistic.
After playing both demos, there no doubt PES2008 is by far the better game. Plays much quicker and its just real football, fifa's far too slow and dull, slide tackling is retarded and passing is poor.
I think the players look more realistic in PES also. Im still gonna get Fifa but probs just to keep my footy gaming happy til PES arrives end of october!

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