Ready Up: 3D Or Not 3D, That Is The Question

This year is most definitely going to be the year of the handheld, with not one, but two new consoles due this year. In the latter half of the year we should be getting our hands on the worst kept secret in gaming, the Playstation Portable 2, but before then we are going to be treated to the latest incarnation of the Nintendo DS, the 3DS. Recent press conferences have given us a glimpse of what to expect, how games will play and look, and most importantly how much the unit will cost. The 3DS launches at the end of March for a wallet crippling £230 or thereabout. It pushes it beyond a casual purchase and dearer than an Xbox 360 and only marginally cheaper than a Playstation 3. Can this price point be justified for the inclusion of a better quality of games than the bog standard DS and the added bonus of 3D?

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