Gamer Euphoria: Killzone 3 Beta: Our Hands On Impressions

Killzone 2, despite following on from a lacklustre experience, surprised many when it finally released back in 2009 following much controversy over its initial launch trailers. Whilst lacking slightly in the story department, it more than made up for things with its simply amazing graphics, intense firefights and extremely fun and in depth multiplayer. With Killzone 3’s release getting ever closer, Sony and Guerilla have decided to treat us with a small slice of the final game in the form of a public beta. After hammering the beta for a good few days I’ve been able to get a good grasp of the new content and to see how it shapes up when compared with its predecessor.

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HOSe2865d ago

i dont understand the spawn points in operations. they are truely messed up in the opening sequences in the map on the beta.

eggbert2865d ago

You start off with one, and the tacticians are supposed to secure other spawn areas.

Unfortunately, no one picks tactician, so the spawn points are congested as all hell.

TKCMuzzer2865d ago

True, become a tactician and capture the points and you can easily effect the result. I would assume anyone playing operations would identify the fact you need to work as a team to succeed.

HOSe2864d ago

makes sense. im a killone noob so thanks

PirateThom2864d ago

Oddly, I've started playing as tactician and may carry it to the full game. I like their radar skill thing.

Linko642865d ago

Hopefully the game wont become victim of fan boy wars :(

Linko642864d ago

Iv not seen a whole lot of hate being dished at the title. You would think at this point fan boys are in the minority due to alot of ....'hardcore' (?) gamers owning all the main systems of this gen. Either way im looking foward to Killzone 3..shame Bulletstorm comes out same day :(

divideby02864d ago

those playing the beta, what do you think about the hit detection ?
I am finding it needs improvement... shotgun is way overpowered in terms of distance and the standard gun for the engineer, its more of a point and spray....
really like the beta in terms of graphics, speed, weight and performance of it

PirateThom2864d ago

Shotgun is fine, its distance is closer to realism than the 1m kill everything spread many games have.

Linko642862d ago

Shotgun seemed alright when i used it, not too poweverful and not that weak either :D

Linko642864d ago

Anyone at all intrested in Hellgaust edition?