Xboxer360: Top 10 adult rated games

Tom Smith of writes "Controversy has reigned over video games down the years, undeterred, it seems that games designers and studios are looking to make the next game court the most controversy. After all, any publicity is good publicity! Could this explain why a lot of the most successful games and franchises are all 18+?"

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danielle0072709d ago

Adult-rated I thought would be AO, not mature. Being rated M does not cause controversy, especially when games like RE5 and Left4Dead are on there. There's no adult content in those games, just epic gore.

Dan502709d ago

I agree Adult games are AO NOT M. There are NO AO games on the 360!!!!

Kon2709d ago

I think AO=Mature. There is no real difference

acheashadow2709d ago

This was written in the UK so 18+ mean Adult Ratings :)

danielle0072709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

Fair enough.

But are these games actually controversial?

acheashadow2709d ago

Some have controversial elements; GTA had problems with the prostitution, Gears had problems with the level or violence, Dead Space because of killing babies.

Each entry on the list is well deserved of its 18 ratings in the UK :)

danielle0072709d ago

Yeah, I'm not saying that they shouldn't be rated M or anything like that. I'm just saying, did they actually cause controversy?

Like, rated M games are no big deal over here in the states, with the exception of GTA - and that's really only because of Fox News.

gman_2972709d ago

Don't try to pin it all of FOX News, it's the mainstream as well. CNN, MSNBC, etc. I'm not saying they don't make themselves look stupid, but you just make yourself look entirely political by saying, "FOX NEWS IS EVIL!"