David Jaffe on cheaters and the possibility of locked saves in Twisted Metal

Mr Twisted Metal with a signature foul mouthed rant. This time it's locked saves and cheaters

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KiasuKiasiMan2779d ago

I actually agree with his sentiment. Why make players suffer because of cheaters?

NewMonday2779d ago

Love how this man thinks, he gets me.

F#@K leader boards, I want unprotected saves, they should give us the option to disable trophies and allow external saves, at least give this to PSN+ users.

We should start a campaign to pressure Sony.

Neo Nugget2779d ago

I meant to hit the AGREE button, not the disagree button >.>

Kleptic2778d ago

Aside from the obvious call of duty...does anyone ever care about leaderboards? Or at least the public leaderboards? (can't lie, friends only boards are actually cool)...

I just went through the business end of this 'locked save' thing...had to turn in my 60gb Ps3 because of the ylod...and 85% of my saves won't transfer... because a bunch of douchebags cheat...I can't transfer a bunch of saves to my new ps3...I'm glad at least some developers see how pointless it is to punish everyone just because there are occasional stat padders around...

DaReapa2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Copy protected game files have been the bane of this generation of gaming. I recently had my 60GB finally give out on me and so far, its been a pain in the a** trying to transfer all my old save files to my new Slim. I've lost countless hours of Demon's Souls and ME2 among others. This is why there should be a strong push for cloud saves, especially during a generation ripe with crash-prone hardware. And to alleviate any concerns with cheating, each save should be linked with an individual gamer i.d. - NOT to a system's i.d.

TheShow172779d ago

I completely agree. I was in the exact same situation last year. I am still hot about not being able to transfer a completed R6V2 with everything unlocked and GTA with about 50% completion, even though both were backed up on an external hd.

I love the "It's not a presidential election" from Gaffe. I'm an honest gamer and couldn't care less about some douche that needs to cheat to get to the top of a leader board, as long as I . There's always going to be cheaters, let their online in-game actions speak for themselves.

Btw, remember memory cards? It wasn't that long ago...

The Rookie Monster2779d ago

I've been on this site for years and I tell you, you have given me the first reason to respond to anything posted. Well Put my friend! Enjoy your bubble, and I hope that somebody up in corporate reads this post (your post, I don't think they care about mine).

Vesemir2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Wow.....All this public ass kissing is making me embarassed.

Love is in the air, absofuckinglutely beautiful.

Kleptic2778d ago

Same boat dude...hundreds of hours in burn out (not sure if that was transferable or not), WipeOut HD/Fury, Killzone 2, both uncharted's (that was supposed to transfer, they lock trophy earning though, which kind of makes it pointless overall), and about 10 other games...all lost...because my PS3 took a dump...not because I was cheating...

Any luck with the deactivation issue too? I, as well as thousands of others, found out too late about the 1 activated Ps3 for video...and since my first PS3 crapped out, and could not be deactivated by me...I have to deal with calling sony to get them to do it...just to watch video content I already purchased...

I think jaffe is 100% correct on this...everyone else gets punished because of stat boosters...bfd...none of us care about their scores anyway, or trophies (its almost always obvious when someone cheated to get them anyway)...but we all get shit on because systems this know...don't last long...

lizard812882779d ago

wow, i agree with him, other than his F-bombs, i'm ok with them too, but do we need ******* ****? why not just ****. regardless, yeah, who cares if people want to cheat. online is a different story though.

TheShow172779d ago

It was a bit much, but it was also a great message. We need to take what he is saying and not how he says it.

dead_eye2778d ago

He swears loads when he talks to. Make it sound more like him if half the message is blanked out.

danielle0072779d ago

Having a feature like that would just be bad for legit players, and even if some douches get free trophies over it --- who cares?? It literally doesn't affect anything. Cheating online is another story, but for trophies, it just doesn't matter. .. I mean, for our egos and e-peens, it sure does, but other than that.. nope.

dead_eye2778d ago

yeah but trophies only increase your ego and e-peens if you got them legit.

A cheater isn't gonna look at 20 platinum trophies he got the same way I'd look at my 1 lol

andron6662779d ago

Well you could have different save files for mp and sp. Then the mp one could be copy protected and not the sp one.

I think some games already do this, can't remember which though...

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