TGV: Dead or Alive Dimensions Hands-On

If ever there was a series that would benefit from 3D graphics, this would be it. However, for some reason, Team Ninja have opted to go with the actual fighting part of the series rather than the bouncy volleyball one. See, they missed a trick there.

So while we wait for the inevitable 3D port of PSP perv-simulator Dead or Alive Paradise, we’ve got the 3D fighter Dead or Alive Dimensions to keep us occupied. The Gaming Vault's Chris Phillips went toe-to-toe with the demo.

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Herminator2863d ago

The Street pass function certainly seems interesting, but I wonder how much I will get to use it not living in Japan or a major metropolitan city.

borisfett2863d ago

3D jigglies!

Admit it, that's the only reason most people want this.

Negadeth2863d ago

While I agree with you to a point, I've always found the Dead or Alive fighting games to be pretty solid. I've always favoured them over the likes of Soul Calibur and Tekken.

AP2863d ago

Would rather have Street Fighter guys, sorry.

Sidology2862d ago

Yeah, man, but Street Fighter excels at 2D graphics.

For 3D, it's DOA all the way.

Plus, boobs.