Nintendo 3DS Valentine Offer Drops Price to £167

Following Electronic Theatre’s report on the amazing sub-£200 offer that was available for a limited time earlier this week, it has been brought to our attention that yet another promotion is currently available that brings the Nintendo 3DS to a new low price. If £197 wasn’t enough to get you biting, the Valentine promotion offering pre-orders for the system at just £167 is certain to attract some attention.

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knifefight2743d ago

What's that in real money?

kevco332743d ago

Pah!!! £ is real money, thank you very much!!!! ;)

GodofSackboy2743d ago

If ya think about it, the yanks get it for $249 (in their weird "dollars"), which converts to pounds as...ah, £155! And most shops here is the UK are selling this thing for £220!! How's that for a rip? In terms of dollars, we in the UK are paying over $100 more, per 3DS!

Count yourselves lucky, yanks...

knifefight2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

I cry at night ;_;

kevco332743d ago

Realistically however, the price difference is more to do with tax than anything else. People seem to think that VAT (sales tax, which is now 20% in the UK, but is included in the price and not added at the checkout) is the only applicable tax, but also shipping and import tax is a lot higher in the UK. Of that £220-odd, about £55-£65 will be tax alone.

Nate-Dog2743d ago

In case anyone hasn't noticed, the Nintendo 3DS isn't listed on the site anymore.

tigertron2743d ago

So basically, the UK gets ripped off, as always. Stupid VAT...

f7897902743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

All of Europe gets ripped off compared to the US. The European store also sucks ass. Why it has a different layout from the US store, I do not know.

Stealth20k2743d ago

And people were bitching and moaning about the price for no reason

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