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littledinosaur2493d ago

looks best visual ever made

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hennessey862493d ago

but there are some shoody texures in the demo and some serious slowdown during one of the cut scenes so im hoping its not final build or i will be a litle sissapointed and i will blame 3d

trancefreak2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

There are 2 weird cut scenes the first when they crash the intruder the screen is a black pause.

the 2nd is the sev/jetpack introduction before navigating it himself.

besides that the demo looks phenomenal.

I played the ending level so many times in the demo and have seen some glitched areas for fun.
u just have to find them to get up on building and such.

Another fun thing is to the wasp on your incoming Isa squads lol.

Im seriously going home after work and playing it again. I cant get enough of it. The co op is cool too.

My kids keep asking dad when is coming I cant wait anymore so I got them a bad company Vietnam to tie tem over for a 2 less more weeks.

My other kid wont leave blops alone. IM like seriously. Next hell be wanting an xbox oh wait we have one.

lordkemp0072493d ago

For those lucky enough to have played the killzone 3 single player demo. Here is a tip.


When you come face to face with the jet pack enemies head up the ramp to your right. There you will find a handy rocket launcher.

DoomeDx2493d ago

There is also an awesome out-of-the-map glitch.

Normally i hate glitches, but this one is awesome! You can go up the hill, and see the entire level! Who said only Crysis had beautyfull farsights?

Mr_Shuttlezworth2493d ago

Killzone 3 looks beautiful. I for one, can not wait to play it.

Fil1012493d ago

I think it looks stunning, only gripe is the last couple of days the cod crowd have been playin it which has kinda ruined it for me

maverick402493d ago

I love when the COD crowd play it because I keep destroying them at it!They then complain how crap the game is because they keep losing at it

Inzo2493d ago

let me guess, biggest complaint is that the controls are too realistic.

hennessey862493d ago

and ive been doing pretty good but maybe its the fact that im just and fps fan in general and welcome all control schemes :)

maverick402493d ago

Controls are what they complain about. But they dont understand that it involves teamwork and that each class has a role to play in each match.
Unlike COD where you can camp all day not care about your team. Although they are two completely different types of fps.COD is arcade fps, hence why so many casual players like it. Killzone is more tactical.

gijsbrecht2493d ago

No crowd can ruin this game for me. I would wellcome all the CoD people who wish to participate.

Fil1012493d ago

agree 100% but it's not put me off it cause I know the real fans of KZ R the one's gonna b buying it including me i'm sure most of these kids will go straight bk to cod once the beta is over

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