Worldwide Weekly Chart < Week Ending 05th Feb 2011 >

The week's top-selling games ranked by unit sales

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DoomeDx2534d ago

lol @ the report from Cratos8780:
Fake: VGC is unreliable.

So is HipHopGamer. And VGChartz is estimating it, so its supposed to be a little off

Biggest2533d ago

WWE wrestling is fake as well. But since it has as much to do with this as HHG does. . .

An estimate is fake by definition. An estimate by VGChartz is fake to the third.

Death24942533d ago

Don't forget people that VGChartz "always" undertracks ps3 sales and boost 360 sales. They do this and then correct their number once the official numbers release. They've been boosting xbox360 sales so much that they've added an additional 1.2 million to it's LTD sales. Neogaf was right to remove this guy from their site.

ChristianGamer2534d ago

Mass Effect 2 on PS3 30k units week 3. Won't reach 800 k units...Bioshock 1 all over again

DoomeDx2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

Saw it coming.
I mean..everybody played it already on Xbox360, or played it on PC

AK462533d ago

And some people think PS3 owners will flock to the store and pick up Gears if it were available on the PS3. The majority PS3 owners don't care about 360's exclusives. The proof is in the pudding.

hudsoniscool2533d ago

its not because ps3 gamers dont like 360 games it because games on 360 gets ported over a year later, by then no one cares about them anymore. anyway im not surprised by the low numbers for ME2. who would want to buy the second one without the first, that along with the year port over makes sense.

siyrobbo2533d ago

if a new gears game came out as multiplat it would sell reasonably well on the ps3, its only because its a year late port that its doing so badly

alot of people would pick the ps3 version for free online, i know a few people who only play gears online, nothing else

dragonyght2533d ago

Mass Effect 2 is also available on the PSN do you happen to have those numbers to make that statement

Biggest2533d ago

This is the correct answer.

NewMonday2533d ago

i got it from PSN myself

FailOverHero2533d ago

Do you really think that it sold more on psn with the higher price tag? Come on. This game is clearly not selling and the psn numbers are nowhere near as many as the retail numbers.

BrianG2533d ago

Grand Theft Auto 4(PS3)

Bottom of list,

Apparently published by Capcom.

Gotta love it haha.

Nitrowolf22533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

It is, but in Japan.
Same if you look at COD. Its pub. by square Enix in Japan

BrianG2533d ago

Never knew that, thank you.

I suppose they should list all publishers then to avoid confusion.

Stealth20k2533d ago

If its coming from vg chartz which is known to under track the ps3, then its much higher

otacon682533d ago

So PS3 is outselling 360 and wii everywhere outside US? Makes sense. Iam wondering whats wrong with americans...

FailOverHero2533d ago

Silly things like free will and right of choice. They should let Lord Sony indoctrinate them so they should stop buying what they want and start having a hive mind like you

otacon682533d ago

Hive mind? Interesting. I made note in my vocabulary.
My mind is clear, thats why I choose PS3 among consoles to accompany my PC, because it is superior in both hw and sw to its competitors. Did I evaluate something wrong? Dont be shy tell me I cant wait...

N4g_null2533d ago

Most people buy consoles because of games. Most people don't like yOur exclusives and could care less about it's power because of the lack Of exclusives they like.

Now pcs are bought for power most consoles are not. Which is why the ps2 won and the wii. Yet you wouldn't understand since you buy stuff mostly based on power. It's no wonder the gaming media is out of touch.

play17boy2533d ago

Kinect lol, but seriously I ask myself the same questions each week I look at the numbers.

baodeus2533d ago


The only thing i see is that you can't afford as many consoles as you can, no? If you are a true gamer, why not own all gaming consoles/pc if you can, cause that what they are for right? To play game?

Bigpappy2533d ago

You are just loking for some one to fight with troll. You statement is a lie, which make you a liar and a bigit. You are hating on a population of people because their did not spend their money on the console you think they should buy. What a knut case.

You need to hate on UK Mexico and Canada also by the way. Are are they now part of the U.S, smart-ass?

otacon682533d ago

You are the only one hating here...

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