More details on the Dual Shock 3 PS3 controller

The official announcement of the vibration-enabled Dual Shock 3 controller for the PlayStation 3 was the biggest news from Sony's keynote address at the Tokyo Game Show. Since the broad strokes of the original announcement, GameSpot was able to glean some additional details on the new controller - and get some hands-on testing with the unit as well. Here's what they found:

* The Dual Shock 3 weighs a bit more than the current rumble-less Sixaxis controller, but it's otherwise identical to the existing PS3 controller.

* The GameSpot crew found the Dual Shock 3's rumble to be a "touch weak" but "close to" the force feedback of the classic PS2 version.

* When it goes on sale (November 2007 for Japan, early spring 2008 for North America and Europe), the DualShock 3 apparently won't be bundled with the PS3 console itself, but instead will remain an add-on upgrade that will have to be purchased separately.

* Sony has released a list of at least 65 games in North America and Europe that will offer rumble compatibility. Rumble for Heavenly Sword, Resistance: Fall Of Man, Motorstorm, and Warhawk will be added via software patches downloaded via the online PlayStation Store.

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acetw1n4074d ago

dose that mean we'll have to purchase vibration patches for our games?

masterg4074d ago

A patch is always free.

DeZimatoR4074d ago

lol no, obviously will just be a regular patch that will be there to download when you boot the game up.

looking forward to getting one of this controllers :p

Rumble Snake Rumble!

Azurite4074d ago

"Add-on upgrade"?
Wonder how that'll work.

Like N64? :)

MikeGdaGod4074d ago

for the 1000th time, it is not the same rumble as the PS2!!!

masterg4074d ago

They talk about it as being pretty awesome in the latest 1UP show.
They call it rumble in stereo.

sandip7874074d ago

will it cost more than sixaxis?
coz £35 is a pretty high price to pay as it is.
they should lower the cost of sixaxis and put DS3 at that price

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4074d ago

hmmm if I have only on e controller by then, then I would definitely get a rumble one, but chances are most PS3 owners which got their ps3 before Christmas, would just have two normal controllers.

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