US company draws fire for immigration game app

BOSTON — A game developed by a Boston-based tech company that allows users to drive a truck full of immigrants through the desert and try not to have them tossed out is drawing fire from some immigrant advocates.
"Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration," a proposed iPhone and iPad app by Owlchemy Labs targeted for release in March, lets players navigate through what appears to be the U.S.-Mexican border. As the truck drives over cliffs, mountains and dead animals, immigrants fall off the truck's bed. Scores are calculated by the number of immigrants helped crossing the U.S. border.

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Visari2656d ago

They should make a spiritual successor and call it "Angry Border Patrol" where you shoot them as they try to get across the border. It's like tower defense but you're defending your country from illegal immigrants. You could upgrade your fences & get money to put down traps like bear traps, mines, and pit holes.

Visari2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

I was up until the point where I thought of it as a tower defense game. That would not only be a pretty good game but it would also be offensive and the bad press it gets would only help sales.

Tuxedo_Mask2655d ago

"...developers went out of their way to make sure the game's characters weren't stereotypical. "For example, one of the immigrants is a nerdy looking guy with a pocket protector," Schwartz said."

How ironic.