PSP - Summer Bikini Fight Promotion

Another PSP sexy promotion, this time featuring Yuko Yamada and Takako Izumi, sexy Japanese bikini models, fighting in a multiplayer session of a game called Korokoro Korn.

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kingofps34098d ago

How I wished they came bundled in one of those.

nasim4098d ago

Thx to slim ...people want PSP games to be played on big screeen. DS stronghold Japan has completely fallen

The PSP-TV connectivity has done the job for PSP.

Congrats PSP on becoming the no 1 selling gaming product in the world

BlazeXXL4098d ago

I'm 100% PS3-PSP fan, but jebus, do you have to post this bullsh!t in each and every post.

No, seriously, we get it! lol

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