PixelPerfectGaming: Contra: Hard Corps Uprising - Review

Developed by Arc System Works, HCU takes the Contra series in a slightly different direction. As the story explains, the year is 2613 and several nations are under the control of the Commonwealth – an organization owned by Tiberus. As a member of a group of elites, it is your job to challenge this organization.

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Yi-Long2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

...that's an impressive score.

Although, when I read the interview, and notice both the 'replay a complete chapter when you die' bit, plus the bit about the controls (why not put the aiming to the right analogue stick and shooting to the right trigger?), I will still have to try out the demo for myself and read other reviews, before I decide if I want to splash out a whopping 1200 points for this. At 800 points, this would have been an easier decision. Now I might just wait for a price-reduction down the road.

It looks amazing though, and I can only celebrate as more and more games coming that return to 2D gameplay.

kasasensei2838d ago

Another must buy for me! :D

jukins2837d ago

damn not for ps3 i guess little jealous