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Warprincess1162379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

And i thought soulja boy was a horrible rapper. This guy is so ugly and so immature. I hope sony wins and sue this loser for everything. He is too cocky and ignorant.

Nitrowolf22379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

He's Mad

i'm just saying, what kind of person does this kind of thing???
its like this:
"Sony Suing me, so let me counter that with a Rap, that'll show'em not to mess with the hotz"

also who raps now a days?

IDK bout you guys, but this is just pathetic. I mean for him to do something like this, i am betting he is really mad. As Shadow Flare said in the other article, he was probably going into court thinking it was going to be as fast as and easy as the Apple Case.

In a couple month i will be expecting a Kevin Butler Rap Video making fun of this

Abash2379d ago

The pic used is priceless XD haha

EYEamNUMBER12379d ago

i actually find it funny that everyone dislikes and hates him yet everyone can't help but flock to any story that has geohot in the tittle

Krypto2379d ago

HAHA funny shit...he'll have plenty of time making a book of rhymes when he's in jail...Sucka!!

-Alpha2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

I have no idea what he's trying to do, but I have to say that it was a pretty good rap, at least better than I expected from what I presumed was a quiet little white nerdy boy.

Also, would be epic if Sony returned the favor.

evrfighter2379d ago

looked to me like he was enjoying himself.

You know if he wins he becomes in instant legend. He lawyer seems to be good enough to pull it off.

gorebago2379d ago

@krypto - it's going to be a civil suit (hence him being sued) so it's only going to be about money so NO jailtime

there are two different kinds of charges: criminal and civil - criminal will land you in jail and the other is about making some money

so he'll be forced to work at mcdonalds to pay off his debts and thats just as bad as going to jail.

DSI2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Man GeoHot got talent the shit was sick (sick in a good way). That "I don't know Jack" lyric was on point. Nice Pun Geo!

Shit was funny too.

@Nightwolf (Above) naw, I think if Kevin Butler makes a joke about Geohot, Geo would just counter with a "BATTLESHIP" lyric that'll be even funnier than that

As for Sony's lawsuit, has this kid even started his career yet? What is Sony expecting to receive from the lawsuit. Nothing from nothing leave nothing.

tdogg060519912379d ago

@TheKevinButler Make a rap that beats this and you will gain my respect.

Rush2379d ago

Glad to see the entire youtube community doesn't agree with the dipshits on N4G.

Geohot ftw.

Bear_Grylls2379d ago


"As for Sony's lawsuit, has this kid even started his career yet? What is Sony expecting to receive from the lawsuit. Nothing from nothing leave nothing. "

Well if the get him for a few mil he don't have then he goes bankrupt and has to flip patties to pay a finance scheme for the rest if his days effectivly ending his hacking days.

I hope

DelbertGrady2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

@Rush - They can't laugh or appreciate at anything that's aimed at Sony. They protect it as if their life depended on it.

I thought the rap was awesome. I mean what skills can you accept from a guy that's above all a code genie?

And to those who say white people shouldn't rap:

ManGastaS2379d ago

George, fully supportin ya bro, keep up the good work!

Wenis2379d ago

The haters only make him stronger!

Mahr2379d ago

It is always nice to see the time-honored tradition of the rap battle is alive and well. geohot is a hero and a champion.

"He is too cocky"

That is the best part. Anyone can write a topical rhyme -- but only a select few can recite it with the sheer boastful self-confidence that characterizes truly great rap.

captain-obvious2379d ago

i guess Sony worked on deleting it lol

Exquisik2379d ago seems as if he's lip-synching...

Or maybe it's just it at :07 where he says "I'm getting sued by Sony."

lh_swe2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Bring on Kevin Butler! I swear if Sony counters this with a rap from Kevin Butler that would be the one of the coolest things on the internet, it would be epic!

On topic; I think it's going to be hard to tie this man down with any convictions and I think the trial will go on for a loooong time before it's 'resolved'.

gypsygib2379d ago

Everyone raps now a days - listen to pop music half the song are white guys/girls rapping, they just don't do it 90s style.

Christopher2379d ago

The one thing that constantly stands out to me is how hackers like Geohot constantly rail against corporations as if they are stifling their "freedom" without ever thinking that they are able to do what they do because there are corporations out there in the first place able to get so many talented people together to develop these technological devices that they think they have every right to do what they want with them, ignoring any rights of the corporations.

I just find it remarkable that people can be so selfish and ignorant.

catguykyou2379d ago

With the amount of publicity he has gotten, I'd say he will have a pretty good resume for hardware/ software security in the future. Even if Sony wins they can only take what he has money wise. If he files bankruptcy the he gets out of all dept and takes a knock on his credit. The reason this is a big deal for Sony is because if they win anyfuture case of similar or same nature will be streamlined because they will refer to the ruling of this case.Geo will never be in dept for the rest of his life for this. Even if he loses. I can't tell if people think this because they are in a different country or because they just dont understand the us legal system. In the US you only sue people with money if you want money. Otherwise you'll never get it. The law won't let you sue someone so no matter what they make in the future goes to you. Geohot doesn't have his own house. He doesn't have much in money or assets. This case is to simply shut him down from doing this to Sony again. He'll never go to jail for this and will never have to give over any money after the initial hurrah is over with assuming he has to at all.

gamingdroid2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

You got a point, but it is a synergy meaning without consumers there wouldn't be corporations either.

Corporations sometimes step over their boundaries and so do individuals. I see nothing wrong with hacking.

With that said, in this instance I really think Sony should punish the pirates, not the hackers.

TheShow012378d ago

You know the jury can take a look at this ... let's see what they think

This kid is an idiot it just makes him look bad, this little rap video is not a very good idea right now .... not professional geohotz ... not very professional ... have fun talking to your lawyer and dont be suprized if he whacks you in the head.

TheREAL-HyDRo1x2378d ago

Oh my god, I'm so hurt as a Sony rep somebody please stop Hotz somebody please (Sarcasm)! You guys are seriously stupid talking trash on Geo saying you hope he's arrested and junk! Why for tampering with his owned product? WTF is wrong with you all? Do you not care about rights? Do you wan't the government and media telling you what to do and how to live your entire life? Why don't you guys read the reports on the suit before coming on here and trying to talk as if you know anything about the legal procedure or law!

hiredhelp2378d ago

Gota edmit i thought the kid has bulls to go toe to toe with sony. but after this video. forget the rapping the way hes acting. any respect i thought i may have had. NO MORE. sony take him to the cleaners make a example out of him.

MeanOldman2378d ago

i bet his lawyers had a heart attack when they heard bout this crap. it might seem funny b ut its actually a dumb move on his partt. his ego alwys got in his ways anyway.

an whoever said this is bout no jail time is wrong. criminal charge could still be charged an that has prison time.

dc12378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )


ElVeneno2378d ago

I agree, eff him. fail0verflow or whatever their name is did most of the work and he came in and took credit. He's an obnoxious attention seeking dumbass. And no disrespect to my boy but he looks like Keenan Cahill in that shot. haha