Black Ops Video - TeamKill of Justice

JI writes: "In the Call of Duty games there's one thing that really sets your nerves on fire. CAMPERS. What do you want to see happen to these people? You want justice, you want death, you want anything but for them to lord it over you that they have more patience to sit in a corner or a window for hours on end and achieve inhuman kill / death ratios...."

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neogeo2837d ago

nice, but dont we camp in real life? Send me to Afghanistan and I wont be running about full sprint with my head up.

-Alpha2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I agree. I love to "Camp", in which I mean I defend areas, focus concentration on heavy trafficking areas, and wait for the idiots that run and gun (especially lightweight/marathon users)

I also laugh at the people who call others campers. If you are stupid enough to continuously rush someone who you know is waiting for you then you deserve your death.

There are tons of ways to counter camping in most games, especially COD with flash grenades, motion sensors, etc.

Parapraxis2837d ago

But dammit Alpha-Male22 , that requires a bit of intelligence.

This video is lame, a camper is somebody who stakes out one spot and refuses to move, the guys in this video are never depicted twice in the same area. I think the maker of the video is confusing "campers" with people who have stopped and are waiting for a second to see if anybody will come into view.

It's not even remotely the same thing which is why it really makes me laugh the few times i've heard morons go on and on about campers during matches.

All it did was make me want to do was kill the loudmouth and (while moving about the map) laugh as he said I was camping.

NiKK_4192837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

yea i'm tired of everyone shouting about campers and talkin shit cuz they murdered em, i mean c'mon yu gotta stop and take a break and look both ways before you cross. if yu are in one place for more than 5 seconds, you are a camper according to them. that's what pisses me off, people on COD are such bitches if they get killed, that's why i hate COD it just starts a rage between everyone who encounters it

-Alpha2837d ago

Hardcore mode especially is all about being more careful. You DON'T want to run around and get caught off-guard so you are more cautious.

Campers are only as successful as the other players allow him to be.

gezthebum2836d ago

You only camp because your shit! maybe you have bad reactions, i hate camping i prefer to run round fastest trigger 1st, campers shud die!

Sabian1872836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

And you gezthebum are the reason why my "Team" rarely loses. We eat run'n gun morons like you all day.
Fastest trigger may be what you like, but I like it when the smarter trigger wins.
If you go into one area and get killed, what do you do?
You keep going and going and going back in over and over like a retarded energizer bunny.
It makes me giggle inside so much when it happens.

manchesterman222836d ago

well said mate, i play hardcore capture the flag with my mates, we have 3 defenders (campers as the people who die alot like to call em) and 3 flag runners im a defender and i sit in the same spot nearly all game just waiting for the sprinting dick heads to come flying in for the flag, i average between 30-40 kills and under 5 deaths a game, then i always end up having the mother of all arguaments at the end of almost every match with squeeky american kids calling me a camping faggot and i love listening to them whinging.

Do they not realise it takes only 1 frag to get rid of me??

If i hear of a "camper on the other team i will go forward frag em and come back to my spot, but then i get accused of cheating :-/.

Lets face it, the only people that complain are the running idiont that spawn in with the sprint button clicked in, people who are just generally shit but dont believe they are, justo go and play core games and stop fucking moanig for christ sake.

Oh and as for the guy in the video, well i think only one word would fit "WANKER"

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AAACE52837d ago

Seems like he is more worried about what everyone else is doing than playing the game!

People complain about campers, but who can a real soldier complain to when there is a sniper sitting in one spot picking people off?

Even though it's a videogame, it's still combat. People are just doing what they would probably do in real life.

What scares me is the ones who run around wildly! I'd hate to see them in a real firefight.

Chnswdchldrn2837d ago

not news

not funny

game sucks

kill yourself whoever made this video

kill yourself whoever allowed this on N4G

that is all.

SeNiLesBack2837d ago

We'll take you for reals when you grow some bubbles.

kingjoker342836d ago

says the person with 2 bubbles

SeNiLesBack2836d ago

LOL, I had three until I said anything with bubbles in my comment. Better watch out, you might loose a bubble...



Campers go jump off a bridge.

RXL2837d ago

or or...go camp on a bridge!

*lifts hand up for hi five*



Parapraxis2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

whooooo *runs around as fast as possible using no strategy whatsoever* yah!!! stop stopping in one spot... EVER!!!

OMG I saw you stopped running and were aiming...YOU MUST BE A CAMARRR!!!

fuckin newbs.

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