TLRHQ: MLG Black Ops Rules Changes

MLG has released the new rules for Call of Duty Black Ops and it just so happens the most annoying perk has been banned from competition. No more Spray - K? Check inside for more

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AceOfDeath2864d ago

Approvals please, this is important gaming news when it comes to competitive gaming.

Ducky2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

"The Steady Aim/Rapid Fire made firing from the hip easy and aiming down the sight at medium to short range irrelevant."

... Isn't that how it should be?
Grab a shotgun if you want to dominate them in close quarters, or an AR in long-range.

AceOfDeath2864d ago

well if you look at the history of competitive call of duty games, this was just not the case. Aiming down the site is how the game is played, but in this version it was not needed both from the map layouts perspective and from the player side. That was why this was changed to widen the skill gap in the game and make it more competitive in a tournament setting with high level competition. BTW, shotguns are nearly useless in competition because well you never get that close against good people