CVG: Mortal Kombat - Back to Its Brutal Best?

The title says it all: Mortal Kombat. Not Mortal Kombat 9 (as it's the ninth proper beat-'em-up in the series) or Mortal Kombat: The Explodering, or anything so outlandish. Just Mortal Kombat.

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Maximus Corruptor2863d ago

Raiden does not use a Razor to buzz saw his opponent that would be Kung Lao! Mortal Kombat vs DC universe was not released last year it was released in late 2008 which would make it almost2 1/2 years Where did CVG get this guy?

Larry L2863d ago

Yea....I was thinking the same things while reading it. What a joke. This is what we gamers have to deal with since this gen started. I don't recall any bullshit like this durring the 15 or so years we were reading our gaming related articles in actual magazines. Just one more piece of evidence amongst millions proving that gaming journalism is now pseudo-journalism, worse than even newstand tabloids at this point. And unless the internet were somehow completely shut down, never to return, I really only see this getting worse and worse. How could it possibly get better? I can't see it happening.