Ubisoft Trivializing Real World Violence, Says Fox News

It's not just Bulletstorm that has Fox News in a huff. Ubisoft's third installment of the Call of Juarez is under fire from Fox News, saying "the story's plot exploits and trivializes the ongoing violence unfolding in the border states and cities of both the United States and Mexico." - gamrFeed

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Kon2860d ago

Faux News strikes again.

evrfighter2860d ago

someone at fox must thing they are the end all be all in videogames after making EA cave with MoH.

Sounds a little Bill O'Reilly'ish.

jony_dols2860d ago

This trivial 'news' is a disgrace to journalism.

How come Fox don't picket violent films like 'Man on Fire' for depicting one man rampages against Mexican gangs?

I'm pretty sure you can't shove a small bomb up the ass of your enemies and then blow them up (as demonstrated by Denzel in MoF), in the new COJ.

RedDead2860d ago

Man on fire! Fu** yeah, gotta watch that again soon...

Back on topic. It's a shame people watch fox news. It should be nuked from orbit...

Jim Hawking2860d ago


I've never heard him talk about video games. not once.

ShiftyLookingCow2860d ago

More like Fartz News. Where News is based on Fartz not Facts.

AEtherbane2860d ago

Fox also says Obama is a secret Muslim, so yeah, credibility....

Quagmire2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

and you deny that? whats so wrong if he is?

ShiftyLookingCow2859d ago

did you entirely forget the controversy about his pastor's remarks?
sheesh people forgot all too easily.
Although there is nothing wrong with being muslim(being a nut is a diff issue, but that applies to all religions.)

AEtherbane2859d ago

Obama is not a Muslim, and there is nothing wrong with any religion, especially Islam, een though Fox has a tendency to slander and abuse the faith.
I think you misconstrued my comment

andrew1719942860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

OMG ITS JUST A GAME, people are soo stupid if someone is goin to kill a bunch of people its because they are mad at somthing or depressed. its not like games are saying "GO OUT AND MURDER A BUNCH OF PEOPLE" if anything games are helping people get away from the reality and the depresion we are living in. If anything its the governments fault by taking peoples homes away and causing people to become angry and depressed. so dont look for an excuse for people killing people because it might be there fault in the end. its not like they blamed gta for 911.

killyourfm2860d ago

Fox News is about as much of an authority as 95% of the sites aggregated on N4G. It's just time to tune them out.

LeonVesper2860d ago

Sad thing is, at least informed, educated individuals who actually know about video games won't be affected by Fox News. Everyone else however, well... You get where I am going here.

This is why Fox News are focused on those who are conservative (and most likely those who are strong on Christian/Catholic views on life/poor as hell). Fear works for them. That is why they aren't being called out for the ignorance this corporation is driveling out on the air waves.

Jim Hawking2860d ago

Since when does the stereotype of conservatives include them being poor?

LeonVesper2860d ago

I guess I used the wrong word. Republicans who live on the lower end of the financial spectrum might be more understandable to most people.

Conservativism isn't simply the rich. What you think is simply black and white over what you perceive to be conservative, but the values of conservativism is what I am trying to get across, not just stereotype that we perceive conservatives are always the rich. You might be just thinking about the 1% that might be in control of Congress and whatnot, but those who have conservative values can actually republican OR democratic.

However, I guess I am getting off topic.

sickbird2860d ago

They hired Sara Palin, probably the biggest moron on the planet. No one takes Fox news seriously, their a joke.

Jezuz2860d ago

i think you meant "they're a joke"

Jim Hawking2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )


sickbird2860d ago

Its the internet, I could care less about my grammar.

Megaton2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

You can disregard about 90% of all things that end with "says Fox News".

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