BF3 Beta Announcement Denounced by DICE

You may have read on a few sites that the Support EA twittter (who are they?) “announced” that the Battlefield 3 beta should be coming in October. While we are all excited to hear about the game in any way, many seem to have lost sight of some inconsistencies in the arrival of this news.

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Wenis2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Why are you guys sad? The beta is guaranteed to be out BY October anyways. This news only means that there is actually a possibility of it coming out before October, which is honestly what I expected anyways.

By the looks of it the channel is fake anyways. Not to mention he said the beta will be closed... which it won't be.

For those who don't remember, if you bought MoH Limited Edition, which came out in Oct. 2010, you will receive the BF3 beta "Within 1 year". So there you go.

RedDead2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Not that bad, I thought it would be coming earlier, maybe it will come a bit earlier.

VenomProject2776d ago

You guys should be glad, not sad...

This could possibly mean that the beta might be coming out earlier than October.

(It has to be before or during October since MoH released in October...On the beta slip it says to expect the beta within one year of MoH's release)

TheStee2776d ago

there is some legal jargon somewhere about that that states that this invitation will arrive within 12 months, but is dependant on a beta happening within a year.

shooterexpert2776d ago

october is the release month watch, Ea support accidentally leaked the release month thinking it was the beta month.

beta will be much sooner could even be in march after the GDC announcement.

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EddyD2776d ago

Awww well, that was short lived, lol.

TheStee2776d ago

I want some actual footage of the damn thing. That engine lighting video got me all excited to see some stuff.

Wenis2776d ago

GDC On March 1st should make your day then.

Ninver2776d ago

Random question.

You wouldn't happen to be a drug dealer would you?

Xfanboy2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

lets hope it doesn't get leaked!!

happy leak day everyone!!


No problem...Killzone 3 will be keeping me busy.

Hoje03082776d ago

Apparently some people don't think KZ3 will keep you busy. This year, due to a lack of exclusives, we will finally see if 360 fanboys can actually play sales.

TheRag2775d ago

lol why are you getting disagreed?
you can play what ever u want till BF3 ... wtf people?

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