Killzone 3 has leaked on the torrent sites

15 days before the release, Killzone 3 appeared on the tracker not only the country but also around the world. Sony suffers first serious leak.
Game Weight - 41.4 Gb. BCES01007.

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EL1TE2383d ago

Crysis 2 now Killzone 3, oh boy.

What's next? :/

Kon2383d ago

Probably the Witcher, LA Noire or any big title.

AntoineDcoolette2383d ago

Eh does it really matter that KZ3 is on torrent sites? How many people have a Blu Ray burner how many of them have a hacked PS3 and how many of them are going to DL 40 gigs of data.

blitz06232383d ago

Whatever. So these people get to play it earlier. Doesn't change the fact we still get it later and play it legally

morganfell2383d ago

What's next? It really isn't an issue since 360 and PC titles have been leaked like this for years. HALO Reach was out weeks before launch.

Rival_312383d ago

Can I still say I'm getting this day one?
Or will I forever lose day one status to pirates...

evrfighter2383d ago

will let you know how it plays.

Biggest2383d ago

Let us know how the online works as well.

The_Ultimate_Guy2383d ago

@ AntoineDcoolette

More than likely those that pirate Killzone 3 or any PS3 game is not utilizing a blu-ray burner but rather just transferring it via USB stick and then just saving it onto the PS3 harddrive.

NatureOfLogic2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

FTP server, No USB or Blu Ray burner needed.

AndrewRyan2383d ago


It's not 40gigs, it's not even half of that. And you don't need a blu ray burner, you just need to download the .iso from your PS3.

GrandTheftZamboni2383d ago

There have been ripped PS3 .iso files available for years now, long before PS3 was hacked, so one more game is not a news. I don't know what was a purpose of sharing pirated games before the system was hacked, though.

NewMonday2383d ago

40 Gigs

good luck with that

hassi942383d ago

40 gigs is about 7-8 hours for me, so it's not that bad.

Not saying that I'm gonna pirate it though, I don't even have a PS3 or anything.

captain-obvious2383d ago

that PIC


thor2383d ago


It's 7-8 hours PRESUMING there are enough seeds to upload to you at that speed. Even small torrents can take ages sometimes.

badz1492383d ago

how do you know you can run it? as far as I know 3.56 is not hacked yet and there's no 3.56 CFW! what if the game requires 3.56, which is highly possible due to it being a Sony's own game?

GT5 was not playable on JBroken PS3 until the recent key leak but now there's nobody on CFW3.56, thus KZ3 which may require 3.56 will not be playable, I sincerely HOPE! screw all of you PIRATES!

sourav932383d ago

@AndrewRyan What are you talking about?? The game is around 43 GB in size. GG said it themselves plus the story said that the leaked torrent is around 42 GB in size. Get your facts right before commenting.

SWORDF1SH2383d ago

Biggest just Killzownd you trolling ass!!!!!!11!1!

n4f2383d ago

well if someone upload 41gig of data i think its faster to download 41 gig of data than upload it

hiredhelp2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Well this can do 1 of 2 things. but before i say. thoes who choose to torrent are gonna torrent game b4 or on realese. changes nothing. thoes of you who leech.are open to anything. in way of viruses. mega slow speeds. USNET"newgroups keep saying.
Right for thoes reaspns of having a early hands on.
to give feed back and how good kz3 really is shaping up compared to the 2nd killzone.

and Secondly i dont think the servers be open just yet for them as what i hear is that they have limited servers for the open beta and ready for the proper retail version.

last note just in the UK a blu ray disc can cost from £5 depending were u go. thats nearly $9 a disc what if it doesnt burn mises a sector. too expensive still at the moment.

HappyGaming2383d ago

The more hype a game has the more likely it is people will want to leak it.

PS - I don't mean hype in a bad way.

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Dante1122383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Reminds me of when Gears of War 2 got leaked. Sucks for the gaming industry.

ME19892383d ago

Reminds me when any game got leaked.

Larry L2383d ago

But....but....but....GeoHotz SAID he only did it for homebrew and to bring back Linux. He SWEARS it's not for piracy. So this OBVIOUSLY can't be true. Because that would mean GeoHotz and all the other hacker scum theives are lying. Pirates and theives would NEVER lie....would they? No....of COURSE not........

DORMIN2383d ago

Yeah. LOL

Where the f*ck are the mods on this site?
This kind of stuff should not be broadcast on the front page or submitted in any article for that matter. Whomever is running this site will be burning the very bridge they would want to keep standing. Publishers wouldn't want to pay for ad space if you are showcasing its available for pirates right next to it.

Games are leaked ALL THE FREAKIN TIME, the big difference now is "legitimate sites" like N4G are bringing attention to the piracy.

DelbertGrady2383d ago

@DORMIN - Tons of 360 games have had stories about being leaked. Why should this be an exception?

JD_Shadow2383d ago

You want me to start going down to list of how many things are wrong with that feeble attempt at sarcasm? If you do, we'll be here all day!

This is not news, or in any way a direct result of CFW! This sort of thing has been going on for years, and it's a waste of time to try to stop it because so many will replace what you take down.

ProGrasTiNation2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

This wont hurt a game like KZ3,,just like ops,halo,hell every fucking game...its the small game devs that get hit hardest with piracy & thats only if they release shit!

The Lazy One2383d ago

@"But....but....but....Ge oHotz SAID he only did it for homebrew and to bring back Linux. He SWEARS it's not for piracy. So this OBVIOUSLY can't be true. Because that would mean GeoHotz and all the other hacker scum theives are lying. Pirates and theives would NEVER lie....would they? No....of COURSE not........"

leaking an iso has nothing to do with opening the system. It could have been leaked if the PS3 was never cracked at all.

catguykyou2383d ago

Actually geoh. Was working on implimenting security measures back into his crack so people could still do homebrew but not play pirated games. That is, until Sony took him to court. Now he can't do anything.

t0n3y2383d ago

catguykyou - provide a link.

DORMIN2383d ago


I'm talking about ALL games in general (and I said that). I don't see why you need to bring up the 360 in general since many big game leaks from all 4 systems have been "advertised" on this site.

With high profile games like Crysis and Killzone just over one weekend, these kind of articles just need to stop being broadcasted.