Final Fantasy Retrospective: Final Fantasy 6

Final Fantasy 6 was different from its predecessors in several fundamental ways that many fans attribute to its success. The game, despite being heavily story driven, had a large amount of extras and non-linear secrets to find. It had the largest cast of any Final Fantasy game with roughly 14 characters available to play as.

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George Sears2859d ago

IMO this game was the pinnacle of the Final Fantasy series. It truly made me stamp Squaresoft as one of the best storytelling, gameplay dwelling, character engaging developers that existed at the time.

Although there has been other great successful FF games before FFIII(VI overseas) I personally don't think they have grasped that flare of this one that still persists till this day.

Optical_Matrix2859d ago

Although FFVII is my favorite FF game, no other FF game does what FF6 managed to do in holding together such a strong cast of characters and such a dark/mature tail and with such limited technology at the time. If anything FFVI defines the Final Fantasy series. Some would say FFVII does, but FFVII was what made FF the international megaton it now is.

iamthebozz2858d ago

This was the first Final Fantasy game I ever owned (besides maybe FF Legends for Game Boy) and I will always treasure it for its different approach in story telling, gameplay and characters.

I really appreciated the initial presentation of magic as a mysterious force and how the world in FF VI was more sci-fi oriented than the rest of the series.