Sega boss: 'We'll back PS2 for years to come'

Publisher's US president expects console to remain viable until 2010
Sega Of America president and COO Simon Jeffrey has told MCV that he expects Sony will enjoy significant sales of PS2 hardware for "two to three years at least".

In a wider interview with MCV, Jeffrey pledged Sega's long-term support for the console, predicting that it would have "longer legs than any [console in any] previous generation".

He told MCV: "We believe that the PS2 will be around for quite some time," he says.

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JDW4100d ago

...if the PS3 and 360 will die before the PS2.

Panthers4100d ago

Thats a good point. The only way the PS2 is going to die is if Sony pulls the plug themselvs

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4100d ago

Your right, PS2 will only die once, Sony pulls the plug, but as things are now, they need the PS2 to support the PS3.

SonySoldiers4100d ago

Japanese technology is made to last longer than any cowboys xcows.

whateva4100d ago

PStwo will sell 150 million units when the price hits $79 in 2010.

deathtok4100d ago

Good. I still love my PS2 and haven't gone "next-gen" just yet.

Real gamer 4 life4100d ago

its no suprise that the ps2 is so successful didnt sony say that there system last 10 years. everybody knows that the ps2 was the must sucessful platform of any generation.

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The story is too old to be commented.