Mirror’s Edge for Xbox360 only $15.00 with Free Shipping, PC Download only $9.95

Conflicting Gamers-"I make no qualms about it, I am a HUGE fan of Mirrors Edge! This game was very polarizing when it was released; either you LOVED it or just thought it was “meh”.

But if you like genre-cliche-smashing titles AND getting them at insane discounts then I can’t recommend this deal/title enough! There’s just something extremely satisfying about executing a perfect speed run through a level, using the environment to your advantage in ways that weren’t obvious on your first playthrough.

While the game was a “love-it-or-hate-it” propostion at $60, at this price, if you still don’t have it, it is an unequivocal BUY. For a limited time, get Mirror’s Edge for the Xbox360 for only $15.00 with FREE Shipping! Not into consoles? No problem, the PC download version is only $9.95!

Oh, and if you like challenges try getting all 1250 Gamerscore on THIS title!"

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SeNiLesBack2774d ago

I've been meaning to pick this up. This looks like the perfect time to do just that.

Hitman07692774d ago

Definitely not a bad deal here. I smell a sequel coming on

Kon2774d ago

Awesome game. A must buy.

fromasterjay2774d ago

Been mulling this one over for a while now... may be time to pull the trigger...

Drazz2774d ago

Bought it from Amazon when it was 11.99. Mirror's Edge is underrated.

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