Irrelevant, useless title causing riots in WoW

SarcasticGamer - In a thoroughly unsurprising turn of events, it appears World of Warcraft players are once again on the warpath, over the dev team (gasp!) making a change to the game .

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anasurimbor2857d ago

shrug worthy

irrelevant, useless article causing me to waste finger energy.

Zinc2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

@Technical World
There is no appreciable difference between playing WoW or playing CoD or playing Super Mario Brothers. It's all done for generally the same reason and leads to generally the same outcome. Your enjoyment.

Anybody who says different, is trying to assert some kind of subjective value onto the activity that they themselves hypocritically enjoy. Thereby making an argument against that with they supposedly enjoy doing... playing games.

If these people invested the same amount of time they devote to shitting on everybody else's parade, to bettering their existence, we would have a much better world.

In case anyone is curious...
No, I don't play WoW. I have played it in the past, but found it not particularly interesting after a few months. However, I got some enjoyment out of it for a short time.

diehardgamer10002857d ago

offtopic:i'v never really understood why mmo's hv such terrible graphics

ontopic:never really been into mmo's bcz of tht,n yes i knw graphics != good gameplay n all tht but damn lol

sjaakiejj2857d ago

It's due to the amount of additional network processing that is required. The engine consistently has to ensure that it displays players at the right place, at the right time. There's also significant delays between getting the character locations, as of course even NPC locations have to be consistent with the player.

The more players in one single location, the higher the number of delays. The trade-off there is that, given such delays you don't want the player to see how the character is being rendered, so lower polygon meshes and lower resolution textures will take less time to render. This will make the experience seamless, at the expense of graphics :)

On topic:
Lol, can't believe people can be that offended by something so small.

Slimshadyn2857d ago

While its just a title, hundreds of hours are needed to get it.

sjaakiejj2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Someone argued before that people play WoW for enjoyment. I'm sure you agree on that.

Now given that, does the removal of the title take away any of the enjoyment that the players had with the game? They're two words, and I'm sure there's different ways of showing how much time you put into the game, in case the removal hurt your ego.

If you enjoyed those hundreds of hours, you wouldn't mind this title being taken away. If you did not enjoy those hours, then you shouldn't be playing this game to begin with.

NCAzrael2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )


No, removing the title doesn't change anything. What it does, however, is strip you of the reward you worked so hard to achieve in the first place.

I realize this is going to be a very overstatement of the issue, but imagine a soldier who receives a medal for some heroic act they performed in battle. Now imagine the government decides to change their qualifications for awarding that medal. Stripping the soldier of his medal after he earned it just because the qualifications changed later.

Now as I said I realize that is an overstated comparison, but you have to keep in mind that the people complaining about this change are people who put a lot of hours and actual work into getting that title. Sure, it was enjoyable work, but still work.

In the end it doesn't really matter, though, seeing that Blizzard caved to the complaints and restored the title.

Slimshadyn2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

No, it doesn't take away the enjoyment one has gotten from earning that title but if someone follows earns the title without some sort of cheating they deserve to keep it. I just got World Explorer for my lvl 1 just because I thought it would be fun and a challenge. It took a ton of time and I ended up with over 1,500 deaths. While I enjoyed running around seeing the game from a different perspective nothing was as sweet as getting that stupid title.

For some it might hurt their ego but for others its simply taking away something they put time, effort, and enjoyment into earning.

sjaakiejj2857d ago


Look, I know where you guys are coming from, and yes I do believe a reward for work & effort is in place. But at the same time, I don't believe a title is the kind of reward you should be looking for, either.

The title is there purely for giving you a sense of accomplishment, whilst at the same time it is cheap and utterly useless. Therefore, I don't see it as a big deal to take it away. In fact, I feel titles shouldn't be there to begin with, and proper rewards, e.g. access to otherwise restricted areas, or unique items, would be a more appropriate award by the developers, as a way of saying "Thank you for collectively playing World of Warcraft and providing us with billions of US Dollars".

Slimshadyn2857d ago

"access to otherwise restricted areas, or unique items" You can get mounts, pets, titles, recipes, and few other things. Well to be fully honest everything you get from achievements are utterly useless and cheap. But its still fun to collect things. Some people like collecting titles or mounts or pets.

And I don't have a big problem with them changing it, I think they should have simply added a new title.

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Slimshadyn2857d ago

Lol, never underestimate the power of WOW's QQ.

"Raiders are canceling their accounts in massive numbers too. Right now only the top 10% of guilds have access to any raid content, everyone else is sitting around and doing nothing so they are leaving the game." No they're not, and over 40,000 guilds have downed at least one boss, not counting faceroll Argaloth. Most of which have downed at least 3 or 4.

"They broke the healing class and drove a majority of healers away from the game." Lol, no more spamming heals endlessly sucks doesn't it.

And yes blizzard screwed up taking the title away from people but honestly I don't think we need 135 pages of discussion over two words.