Microsoft: It's OK to Downgrade Vista to XP

Microsoft is doing the unthinkable: it's enabling Windows Vista haters to downgrade to Windows XP. Microsoft isn't actively promoting the offering, but has clearly conceded that some customers need to have XP. It's offering purchasers of business-orientated laptops with Vista Business or Ultimate editions installed the chance to get hold of a recovery disc containing the older OS.

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TriggerHappy3950d ago

Now here is something you dont see everyday. But then again, you never know what these guys are thinking.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3950d ago

Its OK to UPGRADE from Windows to Linux and/or MAC OSX

gololo3950d ago

as a programmer i was waiting for someone to make that comment :) (win to linux is always and will always be an upgrade)

thewhoopimen3949d ago

Gaming may be Microsoft's future... not Operating systesms .... lol

PimpHandHappy3950d ago

this means i shouldnt upgrade to Vista...

arcadegoal3950d ago

No this dousent mean you shouldt upgrade to vista at all its about your personal choice,i upgraded and wow what a difference its more stable more versitile in many ways and dam it looks good. its been patched quite a lot over the passed months and i really carnt fault it now being able to multitask and better for the internet no slow down and boots up like really fast.not to upgrade then you would be missing out lol..

Tyrael3950d ago

ehh, i dunno, Vista seemed so unnecessary to me when I tried it out on someone else's pc, didnt really have anything valuable to offer in comparison to XP

Azurite3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

Or is it mercy?

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