Portasgate - Are video game shops handling age-rated products correctly?

Retail guru's experience with GAME calls in to question how video game stores are handling age-restricted products. Are shops being responsible enough when it comes to minors?

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Mystogan2778d ago

I don't think they should sell Gears of war or dead space to a 8 year old. then again i used to play silent hill when i was that age.

Passthemic2778d ago

Agreed, but somehow they always get their hands on it.

Static-X2778d ago

Lol here in the UK you can have sex at 16 but can't watch porn till your 18. You can enlist into the Army at 16 but can't play war-simulation games till your 18. The whole rating system has to be revised

Mr_Shuttlezworth2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Thats just ass backwards! I love how we can join our countries respective military at 18, and take bullets for them but we cannot drink until 21. Thats some bullshit.

The gamestop stores in my area wont sell my 14 year old brother M rated games, so in my experience they are handling it correctly. It all comes down to the parenting.

Masterchef20072778d ago

Kinda funny but this is true of me. When i was 8 i watched Jurrasic Park and i had nightmare for weeks. And now i am so hopelessly addicted to violence i watch any movie such as Saw for ex when it comes out. Heck i have all the Nightmare on Elmstreets, Friday the 13th, Hellraiser, Wishmasters, SAW, Hostals, Aliens, Species. I cant get enough of those types of movies.

resistance1002778d ago

GAME were correct in this instance, if the lad had ID then this wouldn't be an issue (and with him being 17 he should at least have a Provisional driving licence).

Chances are he looked younger anyway and if GAME get caught selling to a minor on an age rated game, bring on a nice big fine and massive negitive press in the mainstream media

At the end of the day when working for a pub i ID everyone who looks 25 or younger (even though the drinking age is 18) just to cover my back and make sure no one slips threw the system as chances are that would be a test purchaser and there will be a fine of £80 to £5000 coming in my direction, the pub could be fined and shut and I would lose my job.

It doesn't matter what the age restricted product is, it's that for a reason and really people should know nowadays to carry ID with them at all times.

DarkBlood2778d ago

what about a health card if they dont drive

resistance1002778d ago

Don't have them here in the UK as we get free heath care to begin with.

However in the UK, basically an accepted form of ID for any major company is Driving Licence or Passport (as these are deemed harder to make copies of).

But if you don't have them you can pick up a Pass credited ID card for a few quid.

--------2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )


Yet the 16 year old GAME employees ask me for my ID every single time. Pisses me off, but they're doing their (first) job properly at least.

SSKILLZ2778d ago

Right ?! .. Lol. Now all we need is 11 year olds at the pub asking us for are id

--------2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )


Haha, exactly! If your voice is breaking/cracking when you want ID for my Kronenbourg then something is seriously wrong.

SSKILLZ2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Yeah gamestop does the same thing. 25 or younger so I still have to present my Id, funny story some guy tried to buy a game and he was 24 but had no Id, I have 21 and have my Id and bought the same game lol , rules are rules , but I still remember when I was in 7th grade and bought GTA: Vice city

arjman2778d ago

It's the parents who buy the game's not the kids...
They're the ones to blame...

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