The HD-ification of the Past

While Sony might be planning on 3D becoming the next big thing, right now the gaming world is focused on HD, and more specifically HD remakes. The fad caught my eye when the God of War Collection first came out in 2009. Then there were others. It feels like more and more HD remakes are coming out of the woodwork almost every day. Is this a good thing? Or is this HD-ification of the past just a shameless cash grab?

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GLoRyKnoT2444d ago

I don't play old games. But ppl do enjoy them so that's cool! & of course it's all about money. silly questions

hennessey862444d ago

of richard burns rally. In my opinion its still the best rally sim avalible.

NoobJobz2444d ago

I'm all for it. As long as it's just visual upgrades instead of gameplay "upgrades." I'd love to play some of my favorite series such as Splinter Cell in HD with achievements/trophies. The one I'm concerned about the most is Halo: CE. They are remaking which is fine but I hope they don't make the gameplay more like the recent Halos. Visual upgrade only please.

kharma452444d ago

An HD remastering of it shouldn't be too hard as it was already in HD on PC, just refining the look with maybe some new textures, better AA and AF plus some all-round optimisation would be all that's really needed to it.

Lamarthedancer2444d ago

I've just bought the God of War collection and God of War 3....Now I can really see how awesome this franchise is for my self :)

I'll do the same thing when Beyond good and evil HD comes out

kevnb2444d ago

As a pc gamer the idea makes me laugh. I can buy old games dirt cheap, play in high rez and apply texture packs. Pretty awesome playing the "hd remake" of morrowind for example.

Pillage052444d ago

You can buy GOW 1 and 2 on pc?

CrescentFang2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

(I had something really long before, but it got deleted and I'm in a rush, sorry)
PC emulators + game rom (usually found in the internet or from copying the actual game disc. I'm not so sure since I never did it myself)
Current consoles (I believe) don't have emulators yet, besides the Wii. You would need a good computer to run these games at the higher resolution and better anti-aliasing. People have uploaded their PCs running these games at higher settings (sorry for my lack of vocabulary on the subject, the games are run at a higher resolution but what they do is definitely not called up-scaling. I just the the anti-aliasing is better and they could probably run the games at a better fps too). Its quite nice to see how clear older games can be, youtube has many users who have uploaded videos of people playing the games on their PC. Oh man, Resident Evil (remake) look so very nice (I personally thought it looked outstanding when I checked it up)

sashimi2444d ago

I enjoy playing the GoW/Sly Cooper/soon(ICO/SOTC) HD remakes which i missed. But i don't really like seeing developers jumping on the bandwagon and barely putting any work into them.

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