SOCOM 4 multiplayer aims to keep old & new fans satisfied

"Zipper Interactive is modernizing the tactical shooter with SOCOM 4. Designer Ben Jones summed up the accessibility-oriented changes -- which include regenerating health and a cover system -- as "the evolution of the SOCOM franchise." Of course, change can be scary for longtime fans; many SOCOM die-hards are already dismissing this game as a dumbed-down "SOCoD" (for Call of Duty)."

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clearelite2744d ago

If you're looking for me, I'll be in classic mode.

SSKILLZ2744d ago

Same here bro. PSN: nexus_knight

dougr2743d ago

absolutely. I hope nobody plays the new way, and zipper completely cans the thought of revolutionizing socom for future releases. However, with that being said, socom fans, especially those of us that have played since day one of socom one competitively on socombattles and gamebattles are pretty much impossible to please.

Esena2743d ago


It makes you wonder then who has the issues... Zipper or the impossible to please Socom fans... heh

BISHOP-BRASIL2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Although I agree that some SOCOM fans are being too stuborn (there is a classic mode afterall and no one said it won't be the main multiplayer mode), one of the points of playing SOCOM is to keep the cursing COD kids out, have a nice time playing with your friends, in a certain way, yes, we don't want it to appeal to non-SOCOMheads.

But the biggest problem is the changes coming are those no one asked for. I don't remember people asking for health regen or killstreak on any SOCOM thread. But I do remember people asking for advanced clan game features and ranked custom matchs, those I have heard nothing about so far.

sickbird2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

im an old school socom fan and im pretty satisfied (besides the whole no demolition thing) but go on the socom forums and those guys are piiiisssssseedddddd.

oh and Zipper announced on their podcast that they added the cover system in classic mode which is also retarded.

voice_of_ reason2744d ago

They're essentially taking away everything that made me fall in love with Socom I and II... that's why we're all pissed. And I think justifiably so. It's like taking Gran Turismo and adding cops, turbo boost, and explosions... it's cool, but that's not the type of game it is and that fans fell in love with.

sickbird2743d ago

yea im not pleased with many aspects of the new game, i mentioned some above but its still going to be a good game. To be honest when i first saw gameplay a while back i wasn't expecting it to be ANYTHING like the old SOCOM games.

AAACE52743d ago

Don't worry, they'll add it in later as DLC.

Commodore2744d ago

Not possible to please both....Pick one (and it better be old fans)

voice_of_ reason2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Thing is, they're more concentrated on the "new" fans (the COD ones) and giving their original fanbase (to whom they own their success) the middle finger. Classic mode is a sham... there should be an "arcade mode" instead, and the let the game be what it is and not pander to the mainstream run-n-gun crowd.

NobleRed2744d ago

What a joke.

They tooked most Things out of the game that made Socom Socom.

No lobbies and pistoles anymore.

Just check out the forums.

90% of the fans are pissed of and a lot of people canceled their preorders.

Esena2743d ago

They will buy it don't worry.

KozmoOchez2742d ago

of course they will, if they all bought Confrontation(which I did too) then they will buy this, complain nonstop, but still play this every day. It's just what socom gamers do. I'm pretty sure every time I played Confrontation I complained about something, yet I got rght back on and played the next day.

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The story is too old to be commented.