IGN: PlayStation Move Heroes: What We Know

IGN clear things about about PlayStation Move Heroes--the upcoming game for the PS Move.

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aPerson2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Woo!!! Looks like a great game!

blumatt2865d ago

This looks like an interesting title. Isn't this four player online co-op??

RayRay362865d ago

Na. Thats the new Ratchet. I forget what its called.

Serinous2865d ago

the new R&C? I think it is called ALL 4 ONE.

blumatt2865d ago

Oh yeah. I forgot about Ratchet:All Four One.

sashimi2865d ago

This does look good, planning to get the bundle w/ it once it comes out since the other bundles don't interest me. Wish this was coming out before Kz3 :(