Justin Wong Thinks Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is “Cheap and Easy” – He Also Likes To Use The N Word

RipTen: Justin Wong is one of the most well recognized fighting gamers on the planet, boasting an impressive number of first place finishes in a variety of tournaments. However, it seems he’s not too thrilled with Capcom’s latest entry into his world or the fact that it’s not cool for him to drop the N bomb all the time. Wait . . . what?

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Optical_Matrix2779d ago

I have him on facebook. The guys been crying about Sentinal all day lol My newsfeed is just full of his status'. Here:

Justin Wong
If you want to win in MVC3, just learn how to play sentinel in 1 minute and your skills will improve dramatically.... Time to go back to MVC2....

Justin Wong
Mvc3 has to be the easiest and cheapest fighting game that was ever made....

All I have to this!:

DualConsoleOwner2779d ago

so i guess he knows what he is talking about when it comes to fighting games, but i think i will wait for the reviews.

Baka-akaB2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

he isnt infaillible ... and no one can and know everything be when the game just got released .

for the third time , last time he made a statement like that , it came back to bite him .

And so far it's just that one opinion . When a consensus appears amidst many more pro , then yeah ok , he'll have a major point

ShinMaster2779d ago

Justin Wong may whine a lot... but honestly I wouldn't be surprised if MvC3 did turn out to be "cheap and easy".

ChronoJoe2779d ago

Wong knows what he's talking about.

Reviewers do not.

Did you see the 'combo vid' IGN released for MVC3? weak.

Still I'ma play it. Looks fun.

Zydake2779d ago

First time I heard of Wong I heard of Long but not Wong.

Long Wong 0.0

deafwing2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

LOL @ image

If only I could take this and put it up in Chinatown Fair downtown lol :p

JohnnyBadfinger2779d ago

when i first saw this topic i thought this was Asia's version of Bieber

Projekt7tuning2779d ago

Awh, What's Wong? You just love MVC2 Wong time.

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Baka-akaB2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Yeah that is rich coming from a guy who went to evo 10 with mostly a Storm/Sentinel/Cyclops team .

And again remember when he said Adon was crap ? Only to lose to a great one ?

I give him props for his skills way above ours , but doesnt mean he isnt full of crap sometimes

Kalowest2779d ago

"And again remember when he said Adon was crap ? Only to lose to a great one ?" LMAO so true, but he said GamerBee is his roommate, they must be good friends.

sobekflakmonkey2779d ago

Whatevs Justin wong is a cocky fuckn guy anyway, i would hate to know him, and i would love to kick his ass in real life.

Hope Daigo kicks his ass in another tournament.

HSx92779d ago

nigga isn't a bad word to say if you know the people you're saying it to wont get offended. if he said the N word with "er" at the end that would be different.

M4I0N32779d ago

LoL, its the same pronunciation when ur saying it.

ImmortalLegend2779d ago

Yeah huge difference. Take it from a black person XD. Although I don't say it at all really. When you slap that "er" on the end it's a different story.

bigc0720042779d ago

oh shut the hell up...nigger and nigga are the same damn thing. nigga is just used as a term referring to your homie, and nigger is an ignorant person. There is no problem here. the word is in the dictionary FREE for everyone to use.

Dsnyder2778d ago

The word isnt as haeavy as it used to be since black people started using it as often as they use the word "dude" or "the". Now black people just look like hypocrites when they act all offended when a whitey says it even though they use it 10 times more. There isnt a difference between "nigger" and "nigga". They are both racial slurs and cannot be turned into anything else.

pixelsword2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

How about just keeping it out of popular vernacular?

I have friends of all races and I know that there are some words that are said amongst themselves that are deadly offensive if said from someone of another race.

I'll only list some insults, but not to whom they belong; but Terrone, Mojo, TNT, or Timmy are some things that are inner-racially hurled, but not glorified despite the wide use of the terms or popularity (or lack thereof) of the culture in American society.

KozmoOchez2778d ago

I love it when people who aren't black try to tell us the difference between "nigga" and "nigger"...if we say it'd two different things, then its two different things. You can't tell us how to feel.

Not saying either them is good, but when someone decides to use the "er" version, they are usually going out of their way to be racist. The other version of the word is still a "racist slur" but only if used as such. I find that a lot of non-black people use it to try and sound cool, not in a bad way.

Marquis_de_Sade2778d ago

Dsnyder, it's not hypocritical, it's empowering, as afro americans and others of african descent have essentially taken ownership of the word away from caucasians.

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topdawg1222779d ago

I got a sneaking suspicion he's just trolling everyone. Surely there's a.way to beat sentinel. Just him being salty. I remember a while ago a lot of people thought that SF4 was complete a** too. Oh and that Adon thing too lol. Justin Wong is def one of the best ever, but he's been wrong before. We gotta give.this game time to flourish and see what people come up with. It's mahvel baby!!
BTW Imma be playing the ish out of this. Anyone wanna get down on psn add me

PhinneousD2779d ago

The writer of this pointless article is the racist. FU Dave Oshry

the_best_player2778d ago

Tekken is the best fighting game, thats why it's the number one fighting game in Japan :)

hazardman2778d ago

I like Virtual Fighter better!

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HebrewHammer2779d ago

He's lost a vital component of his brain ever since that fight with Daigo...

Hitman07692779d ago

hahaha wow ... just wow.....

BiggCMan2779d ago

Hahahaha!! I remember that.

Firstkn1ghT2779d ago

Oh man that fight had to viciously destroy his mentality as a gamer.

HebrewHammer2779d ago

Heck, as a human being too. lol

Firstkn1ghT2779d ago

If I was him, I would of disappeared forever.

Just watched the video again...damn it gives me goosebumps.

HebrewHammer2779d ago

Classic... That video never gets old.

ATiElite2779d ago

wow I've never ever ever never seen that. I didn't even know you block like that without loosing health.

I would of never played Sf again after that. great video. Bubbles+

dredgewalker2779d ago

I can never forget that video, Justin got owned so bad. Daigo deserves to be called a Beast. Plus his name sounds a lot cooler than "Justin" which reminds me of a certain whiny singer :)

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killcycle2779d ago

Justins an incredibly smart guy, he does moan and bitch about certain things but he knows his shit.

He's not the "best" at street fighter but a god at MVC2 literally unmatched, you can search his insane tournament fights on youtube.

CaliGamer2779d ago

Add to that being on the losing end of one of the most epic battles in video game history. Reading his post today I can see why.

Just sayin.

GiantJedi2779d ago

Oh man, I just watched that vid for the first time...I know it's a game but that was humiliating...

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xtheownerzx2779d ago

LMAO i love the last part of the article

mukyoucom2779d ago

The "n word" is just a way for old white women on CNN to say the real word.


Some body must have kicked his butt lol

ATiElite2779d ago

I don't think MLK jr. ever dreamed white ppl would be walking around calling other white ppl niggas but sadly it is what it is. So now asians are doing it means that Black ppl should no longer use the word cause it is no longer cool.

ppl use nigga so much it's almost second nature. I'm almost waiting for Pres Obama to say it to VP Biden next time he says something stupid. "Nigga shut the F up" LOL