Media Create hardware totals for January

Find out which system came out on top in Japan for the month of January.

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DualConsoleOwner2862d ago

was there some sort of exclusive released for PS3 there??

AAACE52862d ago


OMG... No sh*t? The Ps3 outsold the 360... who would have thought!

You're pitiful man! We all know the 360 doesn't do well in japan, so is that really necessary?

What you should point out is that the Ps3 outsold the Wii! I didn't think the Wii would get beat in japan for a while, but the Ps3 is starting to extend it's user base even further.

Shang-Long2862d ago

this is going to be an interesting year.

will the ps3 pass the 360?

are Wii's numbers going to drop completely?

Does Ms have any trick cards up their sleeves, after an impressive holiday season?

its about to go down

DaTruth2861d ago

When the NPD releases, you think we won't have to hear how much times more the 360 sold 100 more times?

"Lolz, teh 360 sold 1.15 times more than teh PS3, Lolz!"

Death24942862d ago

Ps3 outsold 360 by a 13:1 ratio. This is what I'm talking about. Ps3 isn't doing nearly half as bad as in America as 360 is bombing in Japan. While this is all good, let not count out the American market. They proved in the last quarter how much they can root for the home team. We already know that this is pretty much identical to what's going on in EU.

gunnerforlife2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

202ht more then 360 am sure that more then makes up for
the slight lead the 360 has in america during the month

id say 4 years since the 4th year ps3 has slowly been outselling the 360

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2862d ago

PS3 is also outselling the 360 in Europe, add that and we got ourselves the ps3 outselling 360 for the past 2 or 3 years

Stealth20k2862d ago

PSP – 228,550
PS3 – 218,165
Wii – 189,140
DSi LL – 132,983
DSi – 118,542
Xbox 360 – 16,054
PSP go – 14,853
DS Lite – 12,794
PS2 – 10,430

Not really suprising to sum up

- the go is a flop, but the X000 models are a huge success
- the ds is crushing everything
- ps3 is the leadest selling console

gunnerforlife2862d ago

its only 24 thousand ahead of the psp so its not really crushing its next nearest rival!

Apocalypse Shadow2862d ago

i think you got to look at the go as just another version of don't see sales amounts for all the other's just *psp.*you won't see


it's just *PSP*or:

360 core-5000
360 elite-11,054

it's just *360*

all the ds versions are just ds(s).it's not like they do anything different.should be just one number for all.
it should be:


splitting it up just doesn't make sense..


LOL...The 360 needs david blane magic to help it sell in Japan :D

belal2862d ago

how big is the gap between ps3 and 360 ww? can someone calculate how much longer it will take for the ps3 to take over 360?

gunnerforlife2862d ago

199 is all that it will take 2 bury it into 3rd place

HungryGoku2862d ago

Doesn't need a price cut to bury it.

adamx2862d ago

ps3 is already ahead of 360 if you factor in units still working.

Alpha_Gamer2862d ago

Nobody can know for sure I`m afraid.

But I would say by the end of this year would be likely. I`d have a much better idea at the next quarterly reports because no one really knows how the consoles have been selling worldwide this year. It depends on how long the Kinect boost lasts. Because lets be realistic, Kinect saved the PS3 from closing the gap even more last quarter, so if that boost lasts, it may take longer than expected.

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