Amazing HD Crysis 2 PC Gameplay (Maxed Out)

Here is some MAXED OUT Crysis 2 PC gameplay running on a GTX 480

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Sanii2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )


ATiElite2744d ago

Yeh been watching this all day. you can actually make changes to the graphics settings in the console, for those who know what they are doing and also rumors of DX10 being enabled but don't know how true that is yet.

No word on DX11 being enabled.

AndrewRyan2743d ago

Impossible bro. DX10 is only possible on certain video cards. I am 100% positive the 360 or PS3 video cards don't support DX10 or above.

ATiElite2743d ago

well from the Post AndrewRyan made I think ppl are confused by my post.

When I said enable higher graphics settings and DX10 in the CONSOLE I meant enable it on the PC version in the CONSOLE (Tilda key ~) NOT console as in PS3 and 360.

FanboyPunisher2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

It feels and looks worse than Crysis PC from 2007, sorry this game should have looked far better, and been designed better..just the look of how zoomed in the HG was, screams Consoleitis. just like going from L4D 1 -> 2 the same effect happened due to consoles being the LCD *Lowest common denominator and it fucks everyone else with lower quality product than the first.

Crysis 2 looks worse, less impressive than Crysis, thanks crytek for putting innovation, and pushing the limit of technology... /S

What a joke, not even going to bother buying it.

Consoleitis fucked all the PC users again...

ShadowJetX2743d ago

So your basing whether the game is good or not based on graphics? What are you, some sort of meta playstation fanboy? Why not base it on gameplay instead? At least that way you can truly be disappointed, I know I am after all the hype.

Heartnet2743d ago


He also said it feels worse :)

andrew1719942743d ago

Sorry but this guy is telling the truth besides the feel, it looks the same as the first and the consoles do hold it back to dx9 but hopefully ea will make it dx11 for the pc users cause that would really suck after playing crysis 1 with the top notch graphics and such. its sad to say people still think consoles are better than pc thos people are wrong no matter wat way u look at it. Get that shit on the download:)

louievillalobos2744d ago

This doesn't mean the gameplay is all that good.

BloodyNapkin2744d ago

Yeah ok, that about put me asleep while watching it. And i was far from impressed by the graphics. And yes i know it is dx9 but running dx10 or 11 isnt going to make it leaps and bounds better than that.

MiloGarret2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Oh shut up. We all know you jerk off to naked pictures of Rico and Sev but could you stop trolling and let those of us actually interested in this game enjoy the footage?

Heartnet2743d ago


Did he mention Killzone in any part of that comment?

go back to ur bridge u troll

Kalipekona2744d ago

Well, the gameplay looks damn good.

Tarasque2744d ago

Well the gameplay look's pretty much exactly like the original which is not a good thing if you ask me. Crysis 1.5 is all this is....

wwm0nkey2744d ago

This is DX9 maxed out. DX10 and 11 are not in this leaked beta.

Xfanboy2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Great graphics & no corridor = awsome!!
Can't wait to really see it maxed with dx11!!

oh yeah isn't this beta build?? [email protected]@@king wow!!

BloodyNapkin2744d ago

Wow, i would like to talk with you about "Corridor" and what you are referring too. But you must talk out of your @ss half the time cause you only have one bubble.

Legacy_Killa2744d ago

It looks good but is it wrong of me to expect something better? Not saying it shit but, the way they were saying it would have the best graphics.

Xbox360PS3AndPC2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

This Is DX9, DX10 & 11 Will Be A Lot Better Plus This Is The Beta Build

wwm0nkey2744d ago

Pretty much. DX10 and DX11 settings will be amazing.

BloodyNapkin2744d ago

Funny how people think somehow it is going to look completly different with dx10 and 11. It will look better, but not how people are assuming it is going too. Watch and see and then we can come back to this thread and point fingers and say i told you so.

Kalipekona2744d ago

You're blind as a bat. Which game even comes close to this? Please don't say Killzone 3 because it looks last generation compared to this.

arjman2744d ago

I wouldn't go so far as to say it looks 'last generation', I admit Killzone uses a lot of digital trickery to make it look great, which it definitely does, but this is 5-6yr old hardware we're talking about.
Of course it's going to look better on PC, all the tech is brand new...

arjman2744d ago

Why the disagrees?
Ok so apparently the Ps3 is not running 5yr old hardware (it is) and brand new GPU's apparently don't exist...

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