Hey, make a new MechWarrior game!

So, it’s pretty common knowledge by now that Capcom are developing a new Steel Battalion. But as cool as Steel Battalion was, it was certainly no MechWarrior.

As far as giant robot games go, MechWarrior was the daddy, featuring a realistic approach to the stompy engines of death genre that was missing from the MechAssault series.

This week, Chris Phillips wants to see a new MechWarrior game.

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Herminator2776d ago

I've never touched a Mech game, but they seem like exactly the kind of crazy detail-oriented games I am into.

NukaCola2776d ago

I only played the MechWarrior that was on the original Xbox. I though it was pretty freakin sweet.

anasurimbor2776d ago

You like crazy detail-oriented games, but have never played Armored Core? You're missing out then.

ThanatosDMC2776d ago

Armored Core > Mech Warrior

Used to love Mech Warrior games but then i played Armored Core 2 on the PS2 and everything was just faster and better and not a tank game in which you cant dodge and just fire at each other till whoever has the strongest weapons win.

Armored Core is skill based and even more so after AC4A.

Dude4202776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

^ Have you played mechwarrior 2 or 3?

It's your opinion that you like faster mech games, which I can respect.

However, Mechwarrior is not a "whoever gets the powerful weapons wins" game. You can either go for mechs that are light but highly maneuverable or a slow moving beast. The Dire Wolf may be bloody powerful but if you play it right, you can use your lighter mech to take out its leg while avoiding its aim. Just watch it doesn't have support.

You also have the choice to override your shutdown if you're eager to take out a mech, but you risk blowing yourself up due to too much heat. Also, don't go on carrying to many powerful weapons as your mech can heat up fast.

See, the devs for the mechwarrior games tried to give it that simulation feel. I've never played Armored Core, but from what I see in the videos, the core gameplay is simple and easy to get into. It seems to be highly praised because it has so much customization. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Mechwarrior on the other hand, is more complex as there are many things you have to pay attention to in its core gameplay. This is something I personally prefer.

So please, don't go on describing the game wrong to make your preferred game seem better.

ArmrdChaos2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

The console versions don't even come close to PC versions. Anyone who played in a clan when Mech was in it's heyday understands what the game was all about. And it wasn't all about Mech size...I used to take down larger mech's 1v1 many a time. It was all about manueverability and knowing how to use your terrain.

Solidus187-SCMilk2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I think Mechwarrior 3 was amazing, back in the days when I had a joystick for my PC. Games with mechs are sweet.

In MW3 I loved blasting my enemies with multiple ER Lasers while standing in water to cool my Mech.

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Trroy2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

MechWarrior... so awesome. MS kinda ruined it when they owned the license. MW4 sucked compared to MW3 and MW2. Mech Commander was similarly awesome... then MS bought it, made Mech Commander 2 (and those Mech Assault games.. which were okay, but not MechWarrior). Junk.

Thankfully MS sold off the license to a company called Smith & Tinker, which is actually a company founded by some of the founders of FASA, iirc, who created the MW tabletop game to begin with.

They supposedly have a new game in development...

I'd put money on its being awesome.. if they manage to finish it.

Elven62776d ago

The rights have been licensed to Smith & Tinker, not sold.

Would you have prefered if they just turned MechWarrior or MechCommander into MechAssault then? The gameplay styles are different, it's good they branched the series for something console oriented intsead of just shifting the entire series that way.

Trroy2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

MechAssault was not a good direction for MechWarrior. It was a fine arcade game.

I prefer MechWarrior, and not the MW4 version, which was so arcade as to practically be first-person MechAssault.

I won't touch another arcade game called "Mech"Anything. I want a MechWarrior SIM, because that's what MechWarrior is all about. The stride of my 100-ton assault mech should make my room shake (through my subwoofer) when I run across the battlefield. I swear every mech in MW4 was made of paper mache, and would blow right over if there was a breeze. There was no machine in those machines. They were just spaceships bound to a heightfield.

Sidology2776d ago

I hope that the next MechWarrior installment is awesome. I loved the games and the toys as a kid.

Maybe Steel Battalion for the Kinect will fill that hole.

Mr Blings2776d ago

totally agree. would love a new MechWarrior Game...Also, kinda off topic, but EA can you at least bring out a xbla/psn road rash game as well. Hell, it can be a port with updtated HD graphics for all I care, but would rather have a new game all together. I'd be fine with it being xbla/psn driven, don't need a $60 big box game. The simple fundamentals of it were what made it so good to begin with...

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