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cyborg2779d ago

I bought MOH. It's wasn't that good but atleast I have access to the BETA. Can't wait. Wonder if the PC beta and console ones will start off simultaneously?

lil Titan2779d ago

i was expecting something sooner but i guess betas and game releases are always close together

DORMIN2779d ago

Ahhhhh damn. I was hoping for we would get to see some kind of gameplay footage soon, but it looks like we will have to wait until E3 probably.

finbars752779d ago

I was expecting it to be alot closer then the release date.Thats terrible.I think alot of people bought MOH just to get early access to the beta but thats not an early access at all.Im glad we will get the beta but seriousley what a sham just to get people to buy there game.

VenomProject2779d ago

Medal of Honor? Oh, you mean that game that came with the Battlefield 3 beta?

KingDustero2779d ago

They probably will be a private beta just before it. This one is most likely the public beta.

Also if this is a true beta test and not just a demo then I don't see how BF3 will launch this year. It seems it'll be an early 2012 game.

psb2779d ago

I was hoping it would be sooner. Oh, well. Can't wait and all that.

GoldPS32779d ago

I'm always down for a beta. Can't wait.

Freakboy2779d ago

This is still unconfirmed, just an EA slip up but most likely is inaccurate. Ignore.

Ducky2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Well, according to what MoH's BF3 beta offer said, it should be within 12-months after MoH's release (i.e. Oct 2010 -> Oct 2011)
So... I guess october makes sense? Maybe they're going after CoD more strongly than I thought.

sickbird2779d ago

holy crap thats a long way off.

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The story is too old to be commented.