Mass Effect 3 Pre Order Deal-$10 Credit

Pre-order Mass Effect 3 (Xbox 360/PS3) and get a free $10 Amazon Credit + $0.99 Release Day Delivery!

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KingDustero2860d ago

Still no KZ3 credit? What the hell is Amazon doing?

NoobSessions2860d ago

You cant expect them to discount EVERYTHING.

KingDustero2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Why give credit to games that aren't any good(the Green Lantern) or games that don't even have an official release date (Gears 3) and not give credit to a game coming out in just over a week and is the eleventh best selling thing in Video Games ATM?

Amazon screwed over everyone by giving credit for Dead Space 2 to only those who did NOT preorder.

There is no reason at all to not give credit for KZ3. It is selling well and chose to promote their site in Home and probably gave them a good amount of preorders.

There is no reason at all why they shouldn't give $20 credit with KZ3.


They aren't discounting the game. They're giving credit that forces people to buy another one of their products. KZ3 still costs $60. By giving credit though it will encourage ones who purchase KZ3 from them to buy another game.

After their shenanigans with my Dead Space 2 preorder I'm not in the mood to support Amazon. If they're going to give credit to games that will be total crap why would they not give credit for a game that will for sure be selling well?

If Amazon doesn't give $20 credit for KZ3 by Feb. 20 I'm just going to cancel my preorder from them and get the game at GameStop. I've never had any issues at GameStop and they don't screw their customers over where I live.

NoobSessions2860d ago

Lol no reason to discount the game 1/3rd off on release day?

Obviously they have their own reasons not to discount KZ3, and the only reason they do these discounts is to gain revenue and profit in the long-run. If discounting KZ3 doesnt seem fit, then they won't. You can't demand that they discount things when others dont.

jdktech20102860d ago

besides the fact it costs them 20 dollars of profit sometime down the road....

ME19892860d ago

Am I missing something, I don't see $0.99 release day shipping...

If click "checkout", it charges me $4.98 for shipping...

Op242860d ago

there's a button that says release day delivery.

ME19892860d ago

Yea, when I click on that one, then it turns to $9.98 shipping lol...

Op242860d ago

haha well idk what to tell ya lol

showtimefolks2860d ago

again this time trying to do all mission/side missions and save everyone i want to have in ME3 and kill the rest

i played a peacemaker this time i want to do few bad things to not just always the right thing