New Resistance 3 screens showcase the PS3′s power

Gamersmint: Saturdays are slow? Think again!

We have 5 new Resistance 3 images for you folks and it’s looking pretty. It does look a bit brown but it also suits the game well, have a look below at these images and tells us what you think of it?

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anthraxCZ2866d ago

fuck they look amazing, but i just bought kinect :X

Blaze9292866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

um....maybe it's just me but uhhhh, when did Concept Art become screen shots to "showcase the PS3's power"?

I mean ffs, they are clearly concept art images.

I don't doubt R3 will look good, the trailer was impressive. But this article and its author are just stupid. I'm getting upset just on the fact that they think these are actual screenshots lol. man oh man


wow am I really getting disagrees? How lmao? You look at these two images and TELL ME they are actual gameplay screenshots and not concept art:

I mean even this one you can clearly see it was drawn/painted:

Forget everything else if you want to, but that image right there. There is no way in hell you can tell me that isn't a drawing/painting. Look at the edges. Look at the chimera. Are you people blind?

@HellzAssassin, at least SOMEONE here has good eyes.

woolley2866d ago

Have you watched the 4 minutes of gameplay from Eurogamer? These shots are obviously real and not concept art.
It doesn't even have the look of concept art.

HellzAssassin2866d ago

I agree with you. As much as I'd like to believe those are screens, they are most definitely concept images.

Although, the graphics are very... very impressive with the more recent gameplay videos shown to be proof. I'm utterly impressed in the advancement of graphics from R2 to R3.

WOMBLE622866d ago

Not a single one of those images was concept art. Although it is probably a good idea to point out that screen shots and moving images are two very different things and screen shots will always look better than the game in actual moving action.

Ducky2866d ago

Well, they might be touched up a bit... (The little vignette effect stands out)
... but it does seem to be from a game engine.

WhittO2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

^^ They aren't concept art.

They just look like enhanced screen grabs.

If it was concept art you wouldn't be able to see the res of the textures lol, it would just look hand-drawn - points to the pic of the chimera.

Just touched-up screen caps.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

It's clearly concept art. Not that it matters. I'll be picking this up WITH the collectors edition. Hoping the CE comes with some cool stuff.

Edit: yea or what Whitto said

Blaze9292866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Exactly. Not that it matters or anything, I'm not trying to say the game won't look good. But it's clearly concept art and not actual game screenshots.

no one can still yet explain why the edges (mainly toward the left side) look like a painting/drawing.

Close_Second2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

If they are in-game shots, as in actual gameplay, then where is the HUD, your gun, etc. These are either cut-scene or concept art images.

However, for all those PS3 owners who think they're in-game then you're setting yourself up for disappointment. You need to take your PS3 tinted glasses off and put your "looking through reality" ones on.

By the way, I am a PS3 owner so don't even go there.

@Joni-Ice: How about all those people that claimed GT5 images were actual gameplay images yet they turned out to be from photo mode?

Joni-Ice2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Everybody who called it concept art, remember your words. Just like the people who called GOW3 screens concept art. I will laugh in your face once you see the truth.

Ninver2866d ago

Blind bot #...

Only two images are concept art. I guess PS3 exclusives really are painting brought to life lol.

DORMIN2866d ago

LMAO! Those are not concept art! Have you guys not been following the game and watching the trailers?


The game looks even better in motion.

NukaCola2866d ago

The shots of Kratos stabbing Hades looked like a painting but that was actually gameplay. PS3 power is working at it's finest. This game transistions so well, and it looks realistic.

beavis4play2866d ago

Close_Second - no disappointment here.....i guess you never saw the kick @ss 4 minute gameplay trailer. that ACTUAL, IN-GAME footage puts these screens to shame. so, if your arguement is that these screens are too good to be real?? you need to watch that gameplay trailer and try to explain why that isn't real.

Biggest2866d ago

What are you talking about, DORMIN? That is OBVIOUSLY a hand drawn concept art book being paged through really, really fast. You can even see the fingers of the guy flipping the pages! I think you can look in the backgrond and see someone in the checkout line at the Barnes and Nobles bookstore they got the concept art book from.

TheLastGuardian2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

I used the second one for my desktop background.

Why are people who are saying this is concept art getting disagrees? I'm a PS3 fanboy and I don't mind agreeing with them because They're right. If it's not concept art then where is the HUD, wheres the crosshairs? These are obviously not gameplay screenshots. You would know that if you saw the 4 minutes of gameplay shown the other week.

All they said was that it's concept art and they're correct and they also said they're sure the game will look great. I can't stand people who disagree with anything remotely negative towards the PS3.

morganfell2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

With a simple Youtube link, DORMIN just pwned everyone in this thread that thought those screens were concept art.

Denial seems to be the order of the day.

The PS3 is dead last whether people admit it or not.

Trebius2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Hate to burst your bubble xbox kiddies ... but just like when God of War 3 came out with screenshots and ppl said they were paintings, not in game, concept art, etc ... ps3's a powerful machine ... and it's only getting better and better.

Just because you dont see graphics like this on the 360 doesnt mean it's impossible.

I agree with Morgan...DORMIN'S link owned everyone here who thinks this isnt real in game graphics. Check out the youtube link he posted.

MerkinMax2866d ago

Here is concept art

Here is the In Game realization

Do you see the difference?

Biggest2866d ago

Could I have been more OBVIOUS in the sarcasm there? Or do some of you really think that someone was in line at Barnes and Nobles?

jack_burt0n2866d ago


LOL that chimera picture is in game

the painting effect ur talking about is a particle effect in the engine.

That shot is DEF game engine.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2866d ago

Haha... well you guys can say what you want. No Hud Means No In Game. And yes I did see the fabulous four minutes of R3 gameplay and it was impressive. These screens are impressive too. There just not in-game :)

Biggest2866d ago

They aren't in-game as in gameplay. They are in-game as in on the disk and a cutscene within the game. They are most definitely NOT concept art.

Chubear2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

That's how it's always been for PS3 exclusives from day one.

"That's impossible! No way that's real you noobz. lol Those kind of graphics can't be done even on the PS5 lulz!!"

and then it comes out to be real and the bitter taste of hate is too much to swallow so the haters now say "meh, <insert random multiplat game> looks better" ... but I thought it was "impossible" in the first place.

Here you have gameplay in your face but oh no, it's too good to be true, cause people are so used to sequels on other games merely being upgrades rather than significant leaps so it's got to be concept art.

And at the end of the year after 10 hot PS3 exclusives push gaming and the hardware to bring great gaming experiences, 90% will be given 6s, 7s & 8s and disregarded cause "teh media and metacritic say so" and it will be called "even"

It's so sad what's happening to our gaming industry and community. Where mediocrity is praised to insane levels and progressive high quality gaming is spat on and ridiculed and where gaming sites that are supposed to be looking out for the best interest of gamers and gaming are up for sale to the highest bidder.

It's sickening.

Belasco2866d ago

And he gets disagrees. Stunning

Omar912866d ago

wow dude.... these are not concept arts at all. there screens from the engine. sighh....

2866d ago
ThanatosDMC2866d ago

Dont mind Blaze... he's been a troll till he got his bubbles back during the N4G reset. I thought we took all of those away. Just check his comment history. I thought he stopped, but i guess i was wrong.

fireplace2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Wow people quickly forgot CGI Killzone 2 trailer drama and how different it was from actual game.
It's done the same way as the one posted by DORMIN so it's not a proof at all! We know Sony like to do this stuff.
On the other side, it's low quality and you can't see important details.
There, real gameplay trailer

Focker4202866d ago

Hey guess what?? Those are all in-game screens buddy. Not concept art (with the possible exception of #4. All of the others are without a doubt in-game. The edges of the Chimera was an art decision. All of them look like that.

Glad you think they look so good because those are all in-game. Don't believe me?? Buy the game and see for yourself.

shadow27972866d ago

Anyone saying that the lack of HUD is evidence that these are concept art has clearly never looked at screenshots from a videogame in their lives.

Press release screen shots are different from some screengrabs Johnny took on his PC (a la the recent Crysis 2 leak).

And just to be an ass, I'm going to post some screenshots from Killzone 2 that we all know are legit, but either lack HUD or the first person view:


No HUD or FPV:

Most of these R3 screens are exactly like those KZ2 screens, touched up shots from the actual game. Insomniac just moved the camera out of FPV to get more interesting angles.

That said, I think this shot may actually be concept art, it's kinda hard to tell. But if it's not, those are really good graphics.

TheLastGuardian2866d ago

You guys can stop arguing now. I did the smart thing and asked Insomniac myself on Twitter and they say that they're in game screens.

It's the third tweet down as of right now.

evrfighter2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

So where's the ingame screens? All I see is bullshots a la gears 3 style. Remember that article? I called bullshots then and got massive agrees.

These are simply a mixture of concept art or builds on pc.

no hud = bullshot

If you watched the gameplay video and fullscreened @ 1080p you'll see just how bad the textures are due to memory limitations.

extermin8or2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Um wtf? some of them were in the gameplay trailer, they are screenshots, your as bad as my mate who claimed the uncharted 3 footage were all screenshots -_-
Edit: except I think the one of multiplayer map prision may be art

Lawliet2866d ago

I wouldn't say that it is a concept art. It is more like a in-game screenshots, but the pics been tune up a little. I could be wrong duh, basically because the gameplay trailer showcased could be a work done long ago. Maybe the current in-game look exactly like this already?

BTW haven't we all learn through the past years? From MGS to KillZone to Uncharted to GOW. You just can't underestimate the power of the PS3, secondly you mustn't doubt the devs behind the work of Resistance.

peace4me2866d ago

I agree with NukaCOla. This game looks even better in motion

Kos-Mos2866d ago

They should stop with the agree/disagree function because there are so many kids and adults with a children mind on this site who press disagree if their "soccer team" is spoken "bad" of.

Panthers2866d ago

Those were not concept art. They were all too clean to be. Every bit of concept art I saw you could clearly see paint strokes and colors blending. Those are clearly either gameplay or CGI.

Blaster_Master2865d ago

lol, you fuckin troll. KZ3 looks even better than this. And yes those are in game models. Its a ps3 game , get over it.

Muffins12232865d ago

this is acullly gameplay,its just the game has a cartoony style to it,kinda like crackdown but with killzone 3 graphics

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WhittO2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

^ Why bring up Kinect at all on this topic? Just starting pointless arguments.

Also this looks really good, hoping R3 will have more cut-scenes, R2 felts really basic and when there was a good cut-scene it was always like 20 seconds long.

@Blaze929 No, they look like they were taken from the in-game engine, maybe edited/enhanced but they look like they are taken from the game to me.

blumatt2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

He wouldn't have bought it even if he didn't get Kinect. lol That's called stealth trolling. haha

Anyway, I'm sure the actual game will look pretty close to these images. I just played the Killzone 3 SP demo and, DAMN, the game looks and plays beautifully!

EDIT: The disagrees always start rolling in, almost never accompanied by a reason for the disagree. I don't understand. -_-

rezzah2866d ago

Disagree dont only work with being right or wrong on this site. If there are trolls or any kind against lets say a sony article the disagreer would be those who dislike trolls, because the trolls are seen as or really are against anything sony. The agreers would be those who have the same line of thought and dislike what the troll dislikes or is bashing.

Its about bashing the others console/game, and those who go along with any trolls enjoy the bashing of whatever is being bashed.

meetajhu2866d ago

I don't know how does PS3 keep increasing its power?

The console's cpu is just as powerful as Pentium 4 and from the time of launch till today i keep seeing the same articles to get some hits. I never saw this coming from PS2. ps1 and Ps2 were consoles people really cared about great games and fun time. Ps3 is all about power?

RevXM2866d ago

Pentium 4?
You are joking right?
The cell cpu is said to perform a bit over 2 Tflops, and looking at certain ps3 games the performance aint no joke.

And what makes you think Ps3 is all about power?
Like games arent fun any more?

Would that mean that it is not fun driving real fast in whatever supercar you prefer?

Or that TV is less fun than before because of the new HD standard?

What about Cell phones?
Are they all about angry birds?
U can still make a call and send SMS... as far as I know.

meetajhu2866d ago

Flops have nothing to do with general purpose applications eg:-games,apps etc. It only mentions raw HP which helps in folding etc.

The "certain PS3 games" or "PS3 exclusives" you said are designed under low level language and private api's and also makes uses of PsGL(don't confuse with OpenGl API) which is SCE proprietary graphics API makes the games look and play better. Unlike a high level base language like Unreal Engine 3.0-3.5 which only uses 60% of the hardware capabilities. Cell isn't anywhere near powerful i pentium-D would shit of that cpu.

HD? 1280x720 is sub hd for me i prefer 1920x1080 or 2560x1600. I hate to argue when people are not able to understand what i said in the first place. Owning 360,ps3 i can't stand those consoles anymore which use MLAA(worst technique ever) blurring the textures and on top that low res textures. Compare Killzone 2(4xMSAA) and Killzone 3(MLAA) same things goes to GT5. And PS3 is upscaler is horrid if u force 1080p it performs an interlaced resolution to find out this force 1080p(remove 720p and 1080i from video) run Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and see how the entire image is blurred and then run only 720p(removing 1080p and 1080i manually) and try it out. Every game like Killzone2,3,Uncharted gets overall blur to the entire image when forced 1080p(when 720p and 1080i is removed).

lil Titan2866d ago

these screens didnt leave me speechless like the game play i saw

MysticStrummer2866d ago

Exactly. Those shots aren't from gameplay, but they aren't concept art either. The concept art crowd above need to watch the gameplay and shut the hell up.

xtremeimport2866d ago

after the first Resistance I have never been blown away by this series visuals. not saying they arent good...just far from the best. looking forward to this game!

xAlmostPro2866d ago

LOL see look at these comments.. 360 fanboys claiming we(those who are looking forward to the game and stunned by how good it looks) are ps3 fanboys or as one person said "wearing sony tinted glasses".. and also claiming that they're concept art etc.

Fact is, it's in-game and recent videos have shown this.. we don't have to be "blind fanboys" because we can see how insanely good this game looks, stop crying jesus.


Meh. 5 yr old hardware gives u 5yr old gfx

Treyb3yond2866d ago

Tough luck man, I sympathise.

EyeContact2866d ago

WTF is everybody seeing the same pics as i do?!

I just got playing Crysis2 (although DX9) this game looks quite impressive. screenshot 1 and 3 looks so sick.

cannon88002866d ago

Just by looking at the way games are looking like now a days, just makes me more excited for the next generation gaming consoles. ps4 first day buy for me.

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psb2866d ago

of this game, it looks much more crisp and clearer than the previous two games. Insomniac's getting the hang of the system, I suppose. Can't wait

kharma452866d ago

After 3 Ratchet and Clank games and now on their third Resistance title you'd like to think they're "getting the hang of the system" by now.

HolyOrangeCows2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

The trailer leads me to believe that they're finally mastering the system.

Talk about being off topic...

I know you're just trolling as usual, but watch the trailer. At LEAST 2 of these are confirmed to be in-game. You're not fooling anyone.

Simon_Brezhnev2865d ago

you know how blaze is he's a troll but try to be slick and sarcastic about it.

BiggCMan2866d ago

Yea and its not just them. Every developer that has stuck with the PS3 throughout the years has learned new ways to optimize their games and make them look more outstanding with every installment. It just shows so easily with all of these sequels coming out this year like Resistance 3, Infamous 2, Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, Motorstorm: Apocalypse, LittleBigPlanet 2. Its a great time to be a gamer, I keep saying that with every year that passes and it just gets better and better.

Toman852866d ago

Resistance 2 is better looking than most of the shooters in this generation. For example better looking than Reach in latest head2head on Lens of truth.

This one gonna be a big hit but not bigger than Killzone 3 for me!!

MarcusFenixITA2866d ago

Sorry, but Resistance 2 does not look better than Halo: Reach. I have a PS3 an R2 but that's not true.

strickers2866d ago

No,it does not.The Lens of Truth article just proves that technically R2 is ahead of reach in some areas and that it runs better.
Art design plays such a big part in how "good" a game looks and most people can't be bothered to think about the things a game does tech wise.

R1 did many things better than Gears1 but the streaming textures meant most people thought Gears was better tech throughout.It was inferior in many ways.

CaliGamer2866d ago

These are nice, spot on to the concept art previously shown.... this game is win.

CaliGamer2866d ago


Let me clarify. The shot's show, which I believe are in game, have come very close or surpassed the concept art shown when the game was first announced. LOL.

As a PS3 fan, I'm sometimes ashamed of my fellow PS3 gamers. Way to eat your own guys. Very silly.