Why am I not an axe murderer even though I play video games?

A look at why not all gamers turn out to be nut cases. A reaction to the assault on Bulletstorm and gamers in general.

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eterry2775d ago

in order for games to make you violent you need to already have a mental problem and the game will set that off. ppl dont get that, a reasonable person knows that its just a game so they are fine it reality. It is the games fault that they already have a condition. If the game wasnt there im sure something else in the society would set them off

ATiElite2775d ago

What mORON with a college degree sat around and made this crap up? So what was the cause of all the murders and serial killers before video games or even TV was invented?

The only thing video games do is provide good entertainment!! With the amount of FPS on the market today, everybody in the world would be dead if this had any fact to it.

Get a Life.

B1663r2774d ago

I dunno, Fox news clearly causes people to start shooting democrats, so maybe there is something to video games and violence.

"Guns Don't kill people, I Kill people!"
Duke Nukem

ATiElite2774d ago

LMAO "Fox News" more like "Fox Propaganda"

Guns don't kill people..The Bullets do.

BabyTownFrolics2774d ago

fox is just trolling

they know that video games dont really dont turn normal people in violent people, it just gets folks watching

in fact by writing articles like this and not mocking them for their deceit simply legitimizes their faulty premise. Just do what you always do with trolls, ignore them.

unless your hoping to pick up some Fox scraps and get some hits

B1663r2774d ago

No Fox news is not trolling. They have to compensate for their news (and to a greater degree AM radio) which is so awful that it causes people to go insane and start shooting democrats.

Sheesh, they have people so insane on their staff that Bill O'Reilly is having to smack down Glen Beck for being too insane.

DuneBuggy2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Are you refering to the guy who shot U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords last month? If so, do yourself a favor and find out the truth before making assumptions.Even the mainstream media dropped that angle like a hotplate when they discovered he was a far left wackjob....Who..uhh didnt watch ANY televised news or talk radio.

B1663r2774d ago

Yes, and no, Nazi Skinheads have more in common with republicans, than they do liberals. Sorry.

DuneBuggy2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Sorry..He read Hitler's book Mein Kampf who was a socialist.He was also fond of the Communist Manefesto. Former friends interviewed refered to him as being a "far left guy". Need links????

Maybe you should just stick to talking about video games...Just saying.

A arguement can be made that hes just a nut job anarchist, but IMO your way out of line aluding that he is a Conservative or even a Republican.

Legion2773d ago


I think he might have been trying to prove a point with that remark.

And to this article... I had to stop reading it once I read this part "This is the kind of crap I would expect from the likes of the Daily Mail, but not a well respected media giant like Fox." Well respected media giant...???!!!! Media giant maybe... but about as well respected as Al Jazeera.

DuneBuggy2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

And...what point do you think hes trying to make? That he can blurt out a ignorant statement based not on ANY facts, but rather his desire to finger point at Fox News and talk radio? So he proved hes clueless on the subject IMO.

As for Fox being a "respected media giant"? Guess it is considering Obama just did a interview with them and im sure hes a HUGE Fox fan ;)

But more on topic.Why would anyone CARE if a news channel feels the need to inform ignorant parents? (not stupid mind you as there is a distinction) Well I guess a 12 year old would care if their mom read it and wont let them play God of War or any other mature title.
Fine by me.When the kid grows up, they can buy any game they want.Untill then, theres plenty of other games to choose from.

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Xfanboy2774d ago

lol speak for yourself after playing LBP I am an axe murderer!!!

NiteX2774d ago

According to Fox News, by now I should have raped over a dozen women, killed them jack the ripper style. And also I probably would have killed a few babies as well, thanks to games like Dead Space and Dante's Inferno. Yeah I'm kinda confused why I haven't done all that yet.

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