Castlevania: Lords of Shadow soundtrack nominated for 2 IFMCA awards

The elegiac score accompanying Gabriel Belmont's action-packed emprise in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has impressed the International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA). Spanish composer Oscar Araujo is nominated for the "Breakout Composer of the Year" award -- notably alongside French duo Daft Punk, who pounded cinemagoers into Grid-grout during Tron: Legacy. The Lords of Shadow soundtrack is also one of five nominated in the "Best Original Score for a Video Game or Interactive Media" category.

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jay22837d ago

Well done, very deserved, great game with great music. I hope they both win.

Ahasverus2837d ago

Well desreved, best score of the year

Timesplitter142837d ago

Fantastic score and fantastic game.

DEagle-izer2837d ago

Now THIS! Is damn good news!!!

0ne of the best scores in a game I ever did hear.

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