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PushSquare: "Ultimately Mass Effect 2’s obsessive attention to detail is its greatest strength. At times the game’s intricate references to obscure fiction can be overbearing, but those that take the time to engross themselves in the world will be richly rewarded."

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Xfanboy2659d ago

4/4 is odd! what is you give a game 1/1 score is it good?

Mr_Shuttlezworth2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Unfortunate that i wont continue playing this until they fix the save game corruption issue. Good thing i rented it from gamefly first.

Bordel_19002659d ago

I`ve played for 60+ hours and no save game corruption. You can backup your save game whenever you like so your drama is exaggerated.

Mr_Shuttlezworth2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Drama? it was a simple statement, take it as you like.

Tell that to my friend who poured over 30 hours into this game to have his data corrupted and there are plenty of people having this same exact problem.

You can turn a blind eye to the lazy developers of this generation if you want to, but in reality this is unacceptable. We now live in a world where day 1 patches are accepted by gamers, and i feel that if we had better quality control instead of dev's rushing games to meet deadlines we wouldn't have these problems.

GunofthePatriots2659d ago

People really use a 4 as their scale?

GiantJedi2659d ago

LOL Everyones first impression on this review is about there scale

Serinous2659d ago

really is a masterpiece of a game...