Nightwing and Riddler revealed in new Batman: Arkham City Figures? Like San Diego Comic-Con, New York Toy Fair is one of the most hotly anticipated toy events of the year.

There will be reveals and products on display from Batman, Young Justice™, CARS, WWE®, and even some Barbie® Collector items and it seems some of them have leaked early including some un announced Arkham City characters.

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AtomicGerbil2809d ago

I'll second that.

Still go back to Arkham Asylum regularly.

TheBatman_Fanatic2809d ago

So do I, the game is near perfect.

KingDustero2809d ago

Man there are just WAY too many good games coming out this year. As long as Arkham City has a pretty good MP I'll be picking it up near launch. If the rumors of having a free roam like mode ala Read Dead with eight players all being a different iconic character are true, then I'm in.

It'll be an amazing game now the less, but I only spend $60 on games that have a good MP that'll keep me hooked for a while. The SP of games just don't last long enough for me. I usually have the platinum trophy not too long after getting the game either.

Quagmire2808d ago

Mm. Nightwing ay? My guess is that he won't be story related but rather a special skin or maybe just for challenge modes.

Sugreev20012808d ago

Dammit ! I want Riddler in the new Batman movie.