Free Vanquish: Tri-Weapon Pack DLC for the Xbox 360

Sega and COMPUTER GAMES are giving out codes to download the VANQUISH Tri-Weapon Pack (value 160 MP) for FREE!!

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Hitman07691989d ago

Nice Nice! I'm thinking this is a must have.

rogimusprime1989d ago

I'd be remiss if I pulled a hit-and-run so....thanks! this code worked and was as easy to redeem as the link said.

RonaldRaygun1989d ago

It works, I just got my code. Thanks for the heads up!

fromasterjay1989d ago

Awesome! Been looking for an excuse to get this game...

xVeZx1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

mine showed up in spam so make sure to check there

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