Next Gran Turismo 5 Update Coming February 18th

Kazunori Yamauchi announces the next major update for GT5 via Twitter.

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Hanif-8762862d ago

Premium Bugatti Veyron please :-)

norman292862d ago

Hmm he said 'major' so i guess we can expect this to be quite a large patch?

DualConsoleOwner2862d ago

some gave it lower scores because of bugs, menu system and such..

i wonder what patched version will get.

GavLam882861d ago

I would imagine so, the constant support keeps me coming back. I would really like to see some improvements to the damage system and for it to be included in GT mode (not just arcade), and a few extra premium cars wouldn't hurt either ;) Oh and for the jaggies to be sorted out if possible. The jaggies and the damage system were the only flaws in my eyes. Great game, so close to lvl 30 so I can get that Red Bull Beast.

Ducky2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

I'd like some bicycles.
Alternate between two-triggers to pedal, gotta tap them quickly while timing the alternating motion correctly.
Would make for interesting online matches.

A veyron works too though.

Kon2862d ago

Tourist Trophy comes to mind.

iPad2862d ago


CryofSilence2862d ago

I'd actually prefer a premium Furai over a premium Veyron. Both would be ideal.

DigitalAnalog2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

That depends if the manufacturer would allow damage. This is the flawed aspect of the premium car: If it can't have full damage, cockpits won't even be considered.

-End of Line

Projekt7tuning2861d ago

How about a proper deal with Porsche. They have VW group cars, Bugatti, Audi, Seat, Bentley, Lamborghini, what else am I missing? So why not that Porsche license? They have RUF, but remember in Germany Ruf is considered a car company now instead of just a Porsche tuner. To me personally, the wail of a flat 6 at 8500rpm makes me giddy. I'd also love to see the 935s, 936s, 1100+ hp 917s, 962, GT1. One of my favorite cars of all time is the Evo GT1. Sexy car. I actually bought Forza Just because they had that car lol.
But considering all the other VW group cars does anyone know the true reason the never got Porsche in the game? Do you think its possible that Kazunori Yamauchi doesn't like the brand?? NO, that cant be it, he'd do it for the fans anyway. Porsche must have been being a pain in the a$$ way back with the development of the first GT. Anyone one know the reason?

The sound of a 956.

hiredhelp2857d ago

Bugatti Veyron over rated. premium granturismo f1 car be nice thoe.
ALSO all lemans cars should be premium.

Hanif-8762857d ago

I'm downloading the update right now. However, i'm just hoping that we get some sort of premium cars but its only 301mb so i guess we can't hope for too much :-(

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Optical_Matrix2862d ago

Jesus christ I need to get back on this game. I remember I was addicted to it when it first came out then stopped before I went to Jamaica over the christmas holidays -_- Think I'll boot it back up when this update hits.

Ahasverus2862d ago

They had 6 years for updating it, it's too little, too late now

IRetrouk2862d ago

really? have you played it? too little to late definatly dosnt describe the gt5 im playing, how about deep and rewarding with constant updates that give you more challanges and money. and there adding even more to the biggest racing game released so far this gen, and it was 5 years plus gt vision, gt psp and gt5p.

Dee_912862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Whats even funnier is that test drive unlimited came out 5 years ago
How many times in the reviews have they mentioned that ?
I know its not as big as gt5 but still
the wait had alot to do with the scores

Cant wait for the update

Close_Second2862d ago

Yeah but the key difference is that Test Drive is multiplatform.

I tell you, they need to link all on-line accounts back to something like a Facebook page because if ever I interview one of these fanboy f**kwits they won't be getting the job!

GT5 was bagged predominantly by those who never intended to play it.

Dee_912862d ago

yea if it was a ps3 exclusive we wouldbe been seeing
" gt5 pt2 !! 5 years for an uncomplete game "type of crap

LarVanian2862d ago

Honestly why is it that every GT5 and KZ3 article has people like this in it? If you don't like Gran Turismo then that's fine man, that is your opinion. If you have nothing good to say, then don't comment.

Ducky2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

It's true for any game though. With exclusives being the biggest targets (along with CoD, but maybe it deserves the mud)

It's just a simple way of getting attention. If you can't say something meaningful, then the second best way of getting attention is to say something provocative.


A massive Title like GT5 deserves all updates. Not every game it is like GT5 when it comes to deliver the best simulation in a console.

Istanbull2862d ago

How can it be 6 years when GT5 released in 2010 and GT4 in 2005? With GT Vision, Tourist Trophy and GT:PSP between it?

I hope you are not too stupid to understand this.

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RankFTW2862d ago

Depending on what comes with the update I may pick a copy up again.

beeeffess2862d ago

My wishlist:
Standard cars updated to premium. More than 25 would be appreaciated
New cars (preferably any of the 3 Top Gear reasonably priced car)
More season events
Silverstone track