Xboxliveaddicts, Call Of Duty: Black Ops: First Strike Map Pack review

Dominic Noble says; "The four maps vary greatly; you have Berlin Wall, which is set in 1980’s Berlin with an East and West Germany, one being more residential while the other being more industrial. In-between both is of course the wall, with two safe routes at either end of the map and no mans land between them; this splits up the combat well. Of course if you wish to get to the other end of the map fast, you can risk running through no mans land, where automated turrets will shoot at you."

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KillerBBs2660d ago

As of 1:45pm 2/12/11 Call of Duty Black Ops online play Still blows... on all systems!

Hit Reconnection? time stamping? Host powers? Host disavantage? I don't know... But this game will piss u off. It sucks!