The Top New IP's of 2011

With 2010 looking increasingly distant, the New Year is well underway and the videogame industry is preparing for what will undoubtedly be an important and prolific time.

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ATiElite2863d ago

Star Wars The Old republic
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
are four HUGE games that should have been on this list. 2011 is just a huge year for gaming PERIOD

should be on this list

Freak of Nature2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

I quess that a game or two can always be missing on most lists...

However from this list beyond "The last guardian" I am very interested in...*"El Shaddai"*...I like the discription.... "It will blend together exploration, fighting, and platforming.
Still, the art direction is what first catches the eye. The edgy watercolor-like, surrealist style"....It comes from the lead artist behind Okami...

Shinji Mikami and Goichi Suda's "Shadows of the damned"....Has great potential coming from them...

piroh2862d ago

for me
1. The Last Guardian
2. Ni No Kuni (PS3 version)
3. Journey

wingman32x2862d ago

Good to see Ghost Trick get some love.