Top 10 Unlikely Videogame Romances

GamerNode's Anthony Labella writes:
"Love is in the air, and this week's top 10 list is a tribute to all that lovey dovey stuff. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, there's no better way of honoring the holiday than by counting down the top 10 unlikely videogame romances."

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italianbreadman2658d ago

I feel like I knew from the start that Wander's journey in SotC couldn't end well...

Murpho2658d ago

Yeah, Johnny and Meryl's romance came from out of freaking nowhere. Surprised it's not higher on the list.

greggaliffa2656d ago

Yeah I honestly have no idea what Peach is thinking slumming around with Mario. The dude probably doesn't even have benefits and she's a princess. Just makes no sense to me.