How Uncharted 2 Got Gameplay Right (and How Uncharted 1 Got it Wrong)

What separates a good game from a great one? Jeroen sets out to answer that question by looking at the Uncharted series.

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Quagmire2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Sure Uncharted 2's gameplay was much better, but I preferred the story in Drake's Fortune to Among Thieves.

Ninver2809d ago

I agree. Drakes Fortune was more engaging and i loved the mysterious jungle setting.

Istanbull2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

They were both awesome games, Uncharted 1 got released in a period when there were articles how PS3 was doomed etc, it didn't do as well as UC2 because of the anti-PS3 campaign.


Uncharted 1: 88
Uncharted 2: 96

Drakes Fortune easily deserves a score above 90

Rival_312809d ago

Both games were really engaging and I enjoyed them both.
I even got the platinum for them after taking my precious time on Crushing mode. :D

visualb2809d ago


it had no multiplayer, so reviews shat all over it´

a crap game with MP will always beat an amazing game without it


unless the game is an RPG with 50+ hours of gameplay

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shooterexpert2809d ago

GAMEPLAY might have been great in uncharted 2 but the gunplay was terrible just like in the first game.

The shooting in uncharted game is such a disappointment especially compared to the other top tier third person shooters.

RedDeadLB2809d ago

What's wrong with the gunplay? It's quite fun for me actually..

peace4me2809d ago

Yeah what is wrong? I don't see too much flaw in it...

bananlol2809d ago

Well i greatly prefer the gunplay of uncharted as opposed to "other top tier third person shooters". Especially the one that feels like youre playing in syrup.

arjman2809d ago

He probably just wishes that they had auto aim haha

TheDivine2808d ago

Yea i found the shooting mechanics sluggish and sub par. There were many flaws with the games like bad angles, akward controlls, poor shooting and many game freezes but it still managed to be a very engaging experience and hard to put down. UN2 was great because of variety and big blockbuster movie moments. Love the platforming and puzzles. It is def a must play but not the best games ive played. Probably get castrated for speaking the truth about it but oh well. I dont worship the most popular games or a console. Loved it while it lasted but not more than a rental for me.

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BlackAvenger72809d ago

Imo U1 was a little bet better cuz it was fresh! The U series is one of the best I've ever played..

MostJadedGamer2809d ago

Uncharted 2 didnt get gameplay right its gameplay was total garbage. The platform levels were so tedious, and boring i was barely able to force myself to finish the game.

kulex472809d ago

Yea right TROLL, you don't even have a PS3, Uncharted 2 is an amazing game and your missing out!

redsquad2809d ago

Oh yes, you just HAD to "force" yourself... hum.

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Mr Tretton2809d ago

I don't really even bother to compare. It's just a continously good experience with the two combined.

NJShadow2809d ago

Well said sir... well said.

Close_Second2809d ago

The only thing I have found disappointing about both games is the final boss battles. They play differently to everything else in the game.

I hated the quicktime elements of the final boss battle Fortune. I also hated the run'n'gun kill the brute at the end of thieves.

UnSelf2809d ago

maybe he shoulda fought a giant enemy crab

Close_Second2809d ago

No, but maybe have some puzzle elements on a grand scale to complete the game.

UnSelf2809d ago

lol @ link

nah but ur right, idk y but i would love to fight a huge huge multi human operated robot that u have to climb and take apart

NJShadow2809d ago

Unlike some others that share your sentiments, I found the final battle quite awesome. It was just SO satisfying beating the crap out of Navaro. I couldn't see the game ending any better than that. =)

bananlol2809d ago

Indeed, people seem to forget that the entire last level was the final boss.

sich922809d ago

honestly the gameplay isnt all that impressive

suicidalblues2809d ago

Put the glue bottle down, it's killing your brain cells.

sich922809d ago

put your fanboyism down,its killing you altogether :)
or atleast tell me what did UC do that no other game did....just another 3PS

AKS2809d ago

Uncharted was the first game to really nail the cinematic action blockbuster experience. Ninja Theory really tried to do this with Heavenly Sword, but Naughty Dog was the first to completely nail it.

sich922809d ago

im not talking about cinematics im talking about pure gameplay

just try to make this graphics-free cuz by the end of 2009 its no longer the best looking game,or most ur only shot is to prove how gameplay which is totally normal,something special that no1 ever done b4
,for me it just feels like tomb raider without auto lock-on

blahblah2809d ago

until you played UC1 on crushing. best... game... evah...

i can only summon up to the fact author is a lame shot. UC2 shooting was really bad, headshots are more or less random. while UC1 respected that single bullet from ak was accurate, UC2 didn't. accuracy in UC2 doesn't matter.

not to say how bad the bosses and monsters are in UC2. while UC1 required precision and good movement, UC2 is pure random. final boss even shoots like online laggers, trough the wall. or mosters on crushing who can aim crossbow in front of them and actually shoot you while you are behind.

for UC3 i'm damn sure it won't be day 1 purchase. first look if it went into same direction will tell me if i buy the game or not

roguewarrior2809d ago

never understood how Uncharted:DF was an 8 or 8.5. but uncharted:AT was 10/10 goty ect. for me U:DF was a 10, and U:AT was off the charts. I really dig what Naughty Dog did with these games, just great fun from start to finish.

NJShadow2809d ago

Agreed. I actually preferred the gorgeous tropical elements of the first game. But I gotta admit, I loved the lightning/thunder in Uncharted 2 when it started raining in Shambala.

dc12809d ago

Although I loved Uncharted DF (will save it for my Children’s children). The presentation of Uncharted AT was undeniable. The gaming media had to stand up an applaud.
The gun play for both was great -
Uncharted DF combined very (underscore) very good writing, great gun play, cinematic value and arguably, introduced the best enemy AI that we have seen on console at that time -specifically on harder difficulty setting. The flanking and attack variety was phenomenal; the 'waves' was never in a fixed pattern (directional yes, but never on rails). It made the replay very enjoyable and fresh.
Uncharted AT improved on it all.
I would never say that Uncharted DF ‘got it wrong’ that argument is lacking. I could easily state that every game create prior to 2009 ‘got it wrong’ compared to the innovations introduced through new and subsequent titles… that’s the whole idea associated with delivering a better product.
UDF and UAT was not created and released at the same time. The author would have been better severed if he named his piece..the current title leaves him open for criticism and a thumbs down on the creditability scale.

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