Stacking Gameplay Video - Seasoned Swashbuckler Trophy

JI writes: "In this video of Stacking for PSN/XBLA we follow the adventures once again of a mere stacking doll on an epic quest to recover his loved siblings from harm's way. The guilded ship is the next mission at hand from which he must save his sister. On this ship you will find many funny moments and fun things to do. Much of what you can do is also available as side content to return to later. Here you'll see one of the possible solutions to getting through this level that gives you an idea of how the game plays out in its early stages..."

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Criminal2780d ago

Looks pretty decent. I'll wait for a discount, or I should just sign up for PS plus.

Hitman07692780d ago

Just sign up for PS Plus that's what I did! : )

Passthemic2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I have to admit PS Plus is pretty cool, that's coming from a 360 guy :)

Passthemic2780d ago

The game looks decent enough, i may just buy it.

egm_hiphopgamer2780d ago

yo real talk i love this game, for real it's addicting as i don't know what lol. i love it everyone this game is worth a purchase man seriously shoutout to Tim Schafer keep it gangsta

9thGenHero2780d ago

Damn I need hop on ps plus quick, need to check this game out

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